Saturday, April 9, 2011

Readathon Mini Challenge: Book Puzzle

My first posted mini challenge of the day! I'm sure there will be more, unless of course I succumb to fatigue and pass out under the table for the remainder of the afternoon....

According to the instructions over at One Librarian's Book Reviews,

For this challenge, you will be creating a Book Puzzle. Essentially, this is a series of pictures, graphics, or photos that you put together that will describe a book title.

So let's see... we'll do one that I just read the other day (for the first time, which is sort of embarrassing). Have fun guessing!

Now, back to the books!


  1. And of course, I have no idea what book it is (I am SO bad at guessing). But they are super fun to make! Thanks for playing!

  2. that's a difficult puzzle, nothing I can come up with makes sense.I can't imagine making one up myself.

    Crime Scene Asia Driving Fast


  3. ::: LAUGHS :::

    Almost? Um... No.

    The third picture is going to be a little confusing, because it was really hard to find a representation of it that didn't completely give away the entire thing. So the third picture is supposed to be representing a... state of being? Sort of?

    I obviously suck at making puzzles.

  4. Is it "Murder on the Orient Express"?

  5. HOORAY! :::cheers::: Ten points for you!



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