Book Ratings

Generally speaking, neither of us are crazy about rating systems.  Books are too complex to just reduce to a number or series of stars.

But, for the people who like to dine and dash, rate we must!

Be aware, we're tough critics.  We think of these books as people.  And there are some people you fall in love with as you get to know them.  But there are many others you come to realize you only want to be acquaintances with.  Our reviews reflect the fact that every single book is going to be a new best friend.

The Hungry Readers' Rating System:

!!!!! I want to marry this book/character/author right now, my love is so great! Give me seconds, thirds, or fourths, with a cherry on top!

!!!! I love this book but I don't know if I'm in love with this book! I'd definitely consider having a cup of coffee after dinner with it.

!!! Let's be friends. I'd braid this book's hair, while watching movies and munching on snacks!

!! I went on one awkward date with this book. The key word is awkward! I ate quickly, so the date would end sooner.

! The dreaded ex! Check, please.


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