Mission Statement

As readers and reviewers of young adult and children's literature, our goal is always to give our honest opinions about the books we read.  Monica may examine books through a librarian's perspective and Shel through a teacher's, but they both examine through the lens of voracious book lovers.

Monica knows there is a book out there for every child--the trick is finding it! Don't worry. She's here to locate the perfect piece of literature for you, no matter how much you complain that there's nothing good out there.

Shel's priority as a reviewer and teacher is to consider whether a book is engaging.  Who will the literature appeal to and how can a teacher make use of that to encourage an enjoyment of reading for the student?

We are always hungry: for picture books and chapter books, for comics and classics.  Our hope is to appeal to our readers' appetites and tempt them into trying something--whether it's a newly published novel or a ripe classic.

We are also both interested in writing.

So far, Shel has had two short stories published as SJ Kessel in

Coach's Midnight Diner:

and in the debut issue of Jelly Bucket.

You can see her briefly speaking about the Twilight series here.


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