Saturday, October 9, 2010

#Readathon: Shel's Fifth Update

Coffee:  3 cups drunk!  (And I'm starting in on an English Toffee Latte, yums!)

Books Finished:  Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett (picturebook), The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson (picturebook), The Village Garage by G. Brian Karas (picturebook), The Trucker by Barbara Samuels (picturebook), Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin, 80ish pages of The Twilight Prisoner by Katherine Marsh (To Be Continued Later!) and David Macinnis Gill's Black Hole Sun (to be reviewed on Monday!).

Book I’m Currently Reading:  I'm just starting Countdown by Deborah Wiles.  It's a lot of fun, but it's one of those books that I'm not even going to try to read in one go.  (I'm all about the book juggling.)

Snacks Consumed Since Last Update:  None!  I am snackless!  I did, however, take a break to call my parents and let them know I was alive.  They were happy for the update.


  1. You’re doing great! Keep reading! :D Cheering you on from Team Metaphor

  2. A fun little ditty:

    There once was a girl from Leebrook
    Whose nose was oft' buried in a book
    Her hoarding got bad
    Her neighbors got mad
    So the townsfolk bought her a nook

    Happy Reading!

  3. Hope you continue to enjoy your reading. You're a great Read-a-Thonner!

  4. Read, Read, Read!
    You reach for the next book you need,
    Another pot of coffee, better brew it strong
    But I'm still here to cheer all night long!



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