Sunday, May 30, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Incarceron (The End!)

Incarceron (Incarceron, Book 1)Hey cool cats and prisoners! Well it looks like our stay in the Incarceron is coming to an end for now. Below are Monica and my thoughts about the conclusion of the book. We'd love to hear what you thought of Incarceron as well!

Shel: Hot darn, Claudia's dad is so...slytherin. You know how I feel about my slytherins. LOVE THEM!

Monica: He's Slytherin, but only sort of -- like Snape in a fanfiction, where he has a heart of gold underneath his cruel and calculating exterior. Seriously, "You have become dear to me"? C'mon, Warden, either you're good or you're bad! I don't play this shades of grey game!!

Shel: I love me some shades of grey!  Bring on more shades of it!  I'm so glad Jared made the connection between the cult and Sapphique.

Monica: I know, I was waiting for someone else to make the connection... and I hearted Keiro's moment where he realized a reason why Sapphique might have hacked off his own finger. Yeeks. Incarceron: Robots in Disguise!

Shel: Yeah, I liked that connection as well.  I was scared Keiro would cut his finger.  It's a big risk to take, not knowing if you have more internal robot parts.  I also like the detail about Claudia destroying her dress. It reveals so much about what she's going through emotionally.

Monica: That poor girl. She didn't get nearly the kind of cheerful resolution I was hoping for... but on the upside, at least she's not being forced into a marriage! And she doesn't end up with Evian (PS, do you think, like the water, that his name is supposed to be read backwards as an indication of his character?) which I was also strangely convinced was going to happen....

Shel: I think you were alone there.  Aww, I love that the prison wants to know about the outside world. It almost makes me sympathetic toward it. Almost.

Monica: Almost. If it wasn't so busy metabolizing people into itself, I might like it a little bit more. Because you're right, its practically a sympathetic character, and you can't say no to the irony of a prison being imprisoned by itself!

Shel: Wait! The warden was Blaize? Blaize was the warden? I'm confused. How did he get into the prison? Is there a third key? I don't understand. I didn't see that coming

Monica: Blaize was the Warden, who was also pretending to be Sapphique... and don't even get me started on my questions regarding Finn and his apparently Amazing Ability to pull people into his own seizure-induced visions? What the heck, Catherine Fisher!?

Shel: But the Warden isn't actually Sapphique?  Will he continue to pretend to be him though?  Confuzzled!  I have to say. This really wasn't one of those satisfying endings. What do you think?

SapphiqueMonica: It was tremendously unsatisfying. Unfortunately, I sort of knew I wasn't going to be happy with the ending, because once we hit page 400 or so, I realized there was NO WAY things were going to get wrapped up neatly in time. Curses. When is the next book due out?

Shel: December 28th  You can make it, Monica.  I'll help you!  And I'm sure there will be fanfiction to tide you over.

Thanks for joining us in the Incarceron!  Hope to see you at some of our future literary feasts.

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