Saturday, May 29, 2010

Zombies in C-Bus! The end arrives on a beautiful sun-shiny day in the park

As you all probably know, zombies are huge right now.  They seem to be shuffling their way into every medium imaginable.  Including the background of my laptop.

Today, the zombies have managed to make their way to Columbus, in a zombie walk at Goodale Park.

I managed to get off my bum, brave the heat and go check it out.  I also managed to remain uneaten, which is impressive, given the number of zombies in the area.

I didn't dress up, in part because I arrived at the park two hours before the walk was scheduled to begin to sit under a tree and read (very pleasant!).  That experience probably would have been less pleasant if I had fake blood drying and flaking to contend with.

So, I read until I saw the first zombies making their way through the park.  Then I followed them to where they were gathering.  And by "follow" I mean, saw them, looked at the direction they were headed and made my own way there.  Zombies=not fast (in this particular case all of the normal park goers were asking them what was going on).

And I have to say, I'm glad I didn't attempt to dress up.  Because whatever I would have done would have been pathetic compared to these zombies:

Quite the happy family, wouldn't you say?

Yes, Mr. Priest Man, I think we are doomed.  Especially since it was over 80 degrees and so many of the zombies were overdressed.  But I suppose they didn't mind too much, being dead and all.

That wee-little boy is, in fact, a zombie killer.  He is poised to take on all three of those police-zombies.  Who are you betting on?

I was just so impressed at some of the detail these peeps went to.  I wouldn't even know how to begin doing such a job...aside from maybe never washing my face again...but that doesn't really appeal.

Some zombies even brought their own food (btw, the entire event was a food feed the living).

And also, ducklings! and Happy Dog!

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  1. Well, um, the ducklings get two thumbs up.



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