Saturday, May 1, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Heist Society (Chapters 29 to the End!)

Heist SocietyWelcome back, gang!  Here's our conversation for the end of Heist Society.  Feel free to join in the comments!

Shel:  So, early in this section, Kat thinks of herself as being a common criminal.  But, can a criminal working to right wrongs still be a "common" one?  Cause, I mean, the fact that the characters on Leverage are attempting to bring individuals justice is central to why I'll watch that show.

Monica:  The trick is, is that we don't know the exact moment when she switched from deciding to steal the paintings to save her father and when she decided to give them back to the rightful owners.  Plus, for the majority of the time she is associating with common criminals--when exactly did she tell the rest of the kids that they were stealing these paintings not for personal gain?

Shel:  So, there's a lot of awkward boob conversation here...

Monica:  Yes!  I skimmed over that like crazy.  Because there is nothing more disturbing to me than blatantly horny fifteen-year-olds.  

Shel:  I like that Marcus got in on the act!  I thought the oxygen thingy was pretty clever.

Monica:  I think he got way more pleasure out of bossing Hale around than he should have.  I was surprised, and I think so was Kat, when he sort of faltered when he had to interact with the director.  It seems like a gentleman's gentleman of the utmost caliber, as Marcus has been throughout the book, would not have any trouble dealing with pompous blowhards, since I assume that fits the descriptions of the majority of heads of households that he would have had to work for.  

Shel:  Yeah, I ignored that little moment.  

Monica: Girl, ignoring the parts that suck is cheating.

Shel:  Lalala, what, Monica?  Aww, I feel pretty bad for Director Wainwright.  What are the chances that guy will be able to keep his job?

Monica: I think he's going to manage to pull through okay.  After all, I don't think they can necessarily blame him for mysterious vanishing children, fires that appear to not actually have happened and wealthy wheelchair bound patrons of the arts who don't actually exist.  It would be like executing the guards of coaches who were robbed by Robin Hood.  I don't think you can be blamed for a thieving force of nature.

Shel:  I think some so would.  I can picture Alan Rickman running a knight through in The Prince of Thieves.  Oh, Alan...

Monica: Where I was thinking more Robin Hood:  Men in Tights.

Shel:  I think you're in the right genre.

Shel:  Wyndham?  Just like Wes on Angel!  If that were my name, I'd probably keep pretty hush-hush about it too.

Monica: Oh, absolutely!...Poor Hale, I'm not quite sure he quite got the girl in the end.

Shel:  Well, you gotta keep the loooooove triangle going in the next book.

Monica: Yeah, I'm super looking forward to the next book.  That bad guy and his henchman with the burned hand are for sure going to go after her again.

Shel: I'm sensing sarcasm!

Kay, cool cats.  That concludes our discussion.  Check back in a few days when Monica and I will be announcing our next literary feast book.  If you have a suggestion, feel free to mention the title in the comments.

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