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Literary Feast Discussion: Heist Society (Chapters 20-28)

Hello again, Campers.  Those of you actually keeping track of things may notice that this post is a day late.  For that, I apologize.  Would you believe I get the days of the week confused?

Any-hoo, let's dive in!

Heist SocietyShel:  I like that Kat is being more sneaky.  It entertains me.  It's strange, but I suppose I'm pro-having her father arrested.  And I think there's a potential love match with the Interpol lady.

Monica:  Seriously, when he got hauled off, I was cheering.  I felt sort of bad, because aww, her poor father… but at the same time, whoa.  How many kids would be ballsy enough to have their father thrown in jail?  That’s like the ultimate teenage coup!  (I’d be grounded for always and eternity afterwards, of course, but obviously she’s not that worried.)

Shel:  I'm also liking the potential love triangle.  It makes me happy.  But how much do you want to bet that Nick is either going to betray Kat or is going to turn out to be Visily Romani?

Monica:  He’s too smarmy to be Visily Romani, I think… and you’d also have to hope that The Greatest Thief Evah OMG wouldn’t be able to have his pockets picked by some cute girl off the street.  

Shel:  Good point!

Monica:  HOWEVER!  I am 100% pro him being a betrayer.  It’s kind of obligatory, since he’s a) not the guy she’s supposed to end up with, b) not part of the Family, c) too smart for his own good and d) kind of oozing betrayal all over the place. 

Then again, this book has been keeping me somewhat on my toes, so I guess there’s a chance the two of them could elope and live happily ever after?

Shel:  None of this eloping business.  I'm fine with a stolen kiss in an air duct over a forged painting.  

Monica:  And then they fall through the grate, and the alarm goes off, and they get locked in jail, and have to communicate with each other via passenger pigeon, but their love never dies!!!  Best plan ever.

Shel:  Kay, so the narration keeps calling characters "children" or "boy."  See, when I think of the word "children" it calls to mind wee itsy-bitsy seven-year-olds.  So, when the teenage thieves are mixed among the "children" like on pages 185-186, it creates some very confusing images.  Can we please call teens "teens"?  For the benefit of my brain and it not sputtering at crazy images?

Monica:  I’d noticed it too.  I was playing around with the idea that “children,” etc. are supposed to represent the way that most people are seeing them – whereas us, who are reading the book, are seeing them pretty much like they’re adults.  (Like what Kat says, about how she knows that she’s just as good a thief as anyone older than her, except her body is better suited to crawling through small air ducts.)  Except… that only sort of works….  Yeah.  I’m down with using “teens.”  Shall we suggest it to the author?

Shel:  So, I'm pretty amused with the night of tangoing and morning of explosives and smoke.  Some funny mental images!  Oh, Gabrielle, Marcus and...those...other two.  "Excuse me, miss, but the young gentlemen say that you cannot get smoke without the boom, and they would like your advice on how to proceed" (p. 212).  You all amuse me.

Monica:  Don’t they remind you of the two brothers in Gone in 60 Seconds?  The ones you see at the beginning of the movie racing cars?  (I’m having serious trouble with this book because of the way it keeps linking up with films in my brain.  People being sneaky and pickpockety?  Elaborate plan to rob secure building?  Obviously it’s like Ocean’s Eleven!  Or The Sting!  Or maybe National Treasure!)

Shel:  It's fun that we're having this problem.  Cause apparently the powers that be want to turn this book into a movie (which begs the question of how original will the movie be if the book keeps giving us movie flashbacks?).

Monica:  Really?  I mean, that’s awesome for the author, because heaven knows it’s a nice source of revenue, but… boo.  I’m enjoying this book, and I so rarely enjoy books after they’ve been made into somewhat regrettable movies.  Although on the upside, I think the sort of nebulous evil Tarturro is supposed to be emanating might translate better on screen.  I’m *still* not all that impressed with him as a bad guy….

OH!  And Spy Kids!  We forgot about Spy Kids

Shel:  Aww, I like the Gabrielle-Kat bonding.  I still think "He's a count.  I think.  Or maybe a duke....which one's better?" is one of my favorite lines in the book.  P.S.  which one is better?

Monica:  Marquis, obviously.  The spelling is more fun, it has links to Puss in Boots and Neverwhere, and it can’t double as a verb (which let’s face it, can sometimes get confusing).

Shel:  But I'll have trouble remembering how to spell Marquis.

Monica:  Where are the *rest* of the adults?  Are there just one or two miscellaneous uncles, and Kat’s dad?  Do none of these people have visible maternal figures!?  (Or is that not one of the questions we’re supposed to ask?)

Shel:  I think after a certain age all the lady thieves must die off.  That or disappear.  I'm betting at some point the death of Kat's mom is going to be raised (Book Two, anyone?) that or she'll have been wandering around all this time (Alias, anyone?).  Technically, Gabrielle's mom is off somewhere engaged to a duke/count/marquis.

Monica:  Also, no lie, I’d even like more back story on Hale and Kat’s early relationship.  But then, I’m just a sucker for people being cute and adorable.  Nick had better step it up, or Hale might not get jealous enough to try anything!

Shel:  I'm with you there.  For a moment, at the start of the chapter where Kat is suddenly in the garden, I thought it was going to be a flashback.

Monica: Oh well.  There’s still time – we’ve got one more section left!!

One section it is!  For Saturday (notice how much time I've given myself there.  This is all in the hope that I won't be late with the post, but we shall see!), we'll be finishing up the rest of Heist Society.  In the mean time, feel free to let us know how you're enjoying the book.

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