Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monica: Readathon Update 5

Finally finally, I managed to make my way through Seeker by William Nicholson. It gets a solid three and a half stars -- there were parts that sort of... wandered... but Nicholson ended up bringing it home, and cheers of satisfaction were heard throughout the land.

Plus, no lie, I have developed a serious crush on Wildman. If this sucker gets made into a movie, I am there. Although again, it'll be tricky differentiating it from The Seeker, The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, Cyber Seeker, The Legend of the Seeker....

Anyway, here. Have this long, long quote from page 375 as a sign of my love.

The priest on duty proceeded to the tanks to collect the evening's tribute. The guards opened the grid door, and the priest pointed to Mercy.
"She's the one."
Mercy rose and made her way up the steps without a moment's hesitation. The Wildman took in what was happening just a few seconds too late.
"No!" he cried. "Not her! Don't take her!"
The grid door dropped down onto him, knocking him to the floor. The heavy bolts slammed home. He was up and hanging from the bars, rattling and screaming, before the priest and the tribute were out of the door.
"Not her!" he screamed. "Not her!"
Mercy turned and looked back and gave him a sweet sad smile. He saw in that look that she was ready, even willing, to die, but all the raging life force in him cried out against it. He turned and howled at the rest of the prisoners, who looked on, silent in the tank.
"Are you dead already? Why don't you shout? Why don't you scream? Don't let them do this! What are you? Chickens? We're going to die anyway! Don't die silent! Die noisy! Die yelling! Die loud!"
He followed this with a great wordless howl of fury.

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