Thursday, April 22, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Heist Society (pp. 73-151)

Heist Society
Hello dear readers!  Welcome back.  How are you enjoying Heist Society?  Our thoughts are below.

Shel:  Aww, I had another Veronica Mars moment when Taccone asked Kat about back up.  How cool would it be to have a well-trained (but raging) dog run into the room?

Monica:  Pretty epic, but I have the feeling they only keep dogs for cons – like, what was the one they mentioned?  That they’re using the Dalmatian for?  Keeping dogs for *pets* is probably one of those things that thieves aren’t allowed to do, since they move around so much….

Shel:  That's no fun.  Dogs could be kick-bum thieves.  I would read that book.  I feel like I need more evidence of Taccone's supposed evilness.  Sure sleeked-back hair is icky and burns are no fun, but I need more.

Monica:  The lack of real explanation of his evil has led me to the following obvious conclusion:  I’ve decided he must be a good guy!  Or at least a sort-of-good guy.  If we continue the Veronica Mars shout-outs, he’s like Logan!  Only, please God, without the eventual romantic interest?

Shel:  I doubt he's a Logan.  But, heck, I'd take a creepy love interest at this point. 

Monica: Can we pause and reflect for a moment, though, on the subject of Taccone – how completely epic was that walk into his house?  When I got to the part that mentioned how the story would be told and retold and embellished and reembellished, I had to laugh.  ;)

Shel:  I was entertained by that as well.  Why aren't any of these characters jet lagged?  I'm vaguely tired just trying to keep track of all the countries.

Monica:  It’s another thief trick, I’m sure.  They have taught themselves to survive on only one hour of sleep a night.  Honestly, that would probably make us totally SET for thiefdom.  Grad school is a harsh mistress, but she does teach you to go without adequate rest….

Shel:  Why isn't Kat's dad doing something to save himself?  I mean, if movies or TV shows have taught me anything, Interpol should be easy to get rid of, yes?

Monica:  Heck, I think Houdini managed to break out of Scotland Yard with nothing but a bobby pin!  And he wasn’t even a master criminal!

Shel:  Monica, now I need help with the German...

Monica:  Okay, I’m equally lost there.  My only German comes from black and white WWII-era movies, and most of what I picked up wasn’t particularly flattering….

Shel:  I took Spanish!  Can they please go to Spain!

Shel:  So, I'm trying to figure out how to be a thief here.  So far, I've got the rules 1) Don't make noise 2)  Stand still 3) Delegate 4) Don't try to steal time.  Do you think I'm ready?

Monica:  You’re forgetting 5) Have connections with people who know how to build high-tech boats and 6) Crush on your partner.  I’m not completely sure about that last one, but it seems like it might be sort of important.

Shel:  How could I forget those two?!  I suppose I was distracted by how the days were just flying by.

Monica: Girl, they're on a timeline! They've only got eight days! No, wait, seven! SIX!!

Shel: I'm liking this Visily Romani. I think I'd like to hear his/her story. It'd probably be a good time.

Monica: He's done everything! He's like magic! I was sort of sad that they didn't go more into his/her stories, really. When they had that bit about how "Uncle Eddie could totally have told Kat all of these awesome stories about Visily Romani stealing the pope's hat and mastering the secrets of invisibility and baking a perfect tres leches cake... but he's not going to," I was ridiculously bummed. 

Shel:  That would have been fun!

Okay, cool cats, that's it for the time being.  We'll be back on Monday with comments on chapters 20 to 28.  I hope you'll join us and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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