Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: Update 12

8:30 PM Update (Shel): Okay, so I'm a little over half-way through the readathon and I really want to read in bed. I love the thought of a pillow, and my silky comforter, my cushiony mattress...mmmm, comfortable. My friends, it's not even 9 PM. How am I going to make it until tomorrow morning? I need one of you to prove your love for me and drive to Columbus to bring me a soy latte MANY soy lattes.

Now, in theory, I could just stay up reading in bed. Also, in theory, I could solve world hunger, fly to the moon and marry all ten of my favorite authors (dead or alive). But, in practice, I tried reading in bed this afternoon and lounging turned into lying down, which turned into getting under the covers, which turned into closing my eyes, which resulted in sleep. Sleep is not reading. This is a problem.

(Also in practice, I don't think marrying the corpse of George Orwell would end well for me. I imagine a dead guy would make a very lazy husband. And honestly, I'm not crazy about corpses unless they're fictional and on the hunt for brains.)

So, I will do a few nerdy stretches and have flashbacks to 9th grade gym class and then I will turn to my upright and sitting position to reread Freak the Mighty.

8:30 PM Update (Monica):

I’ve decided to slow down a little bit this evening -- pacing myself for tonight, obviously, and also because I'm watching Star Trek out of the corner of one eye and Captain Sisko is hypnotically attractive as per the usual -- and as such, I’m doing a ReRead.

The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, to be more precise.

I love this book. To be fair, if you replace the main characters with some mice and badgers and an evil rat or two, you have every Redwall book ever written. But no one ever said Brian Jacques wasn't a formula writer. Luckily, I heart the formula! Huzzah!!

Plus, I had suuuuch a crush on Alex when the book first came out. To be fair, I was young and silly. And have you seen the cover of the book? He looks like a pirate. Like a young and slightly less earring-bedecked Jack Sparrow! Love!

In other news, Shel, would you seriously want to marry George Orwell? Seriously? He seems like he'd be... kind of a downer to hang around with all the time. Unlike Terry Brooks. (Terry! Call me!!)

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  1. That reading in be thing can be very tricky! You're doing a fabulous job! We're over halfway through it so make sure you stay on top of things and keep up the good work! Have fun with your reading.



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