Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: Update 11

7:30 PM Update (Shel): Guys, I wanna watch a movie!

7:30 PM Update (Monica): I vote yes on the movie too! If we make it literary, does it count? I've got Pride and Prejudice!

Shel: I has P&P toooooooooo! Both the Colin Firth and the newer one. If we press start at the same time AND I page through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies does that count? Yes, maybe?

Monica: Oh, yes most definitely. And then we could go see Zombieland, which obviously has zombies, just like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is a book, which is like reading!!

Shel: The school work needs to go away. While It has the advantage of keeping me awake...since it require so much brain power to ask, "What the Hell does this theorist mean?" at regular intervals, I want to read fun fiction stories about dogs being killed too.

Monica: See, I'm at the point in the day when my response would be "What the hell is a theorist?"

Shel: I still know what a theorist is! It's something that I'll deal with tomorrow, that's what.

Monica: I'm being dragged off to watch Deep Space Nine. The promise is that I can read at the same time without being called a nerd (which is ironic, see, coming from Trekkies). Shall we guess how long it will take that promise to be revoked?

Shel: Just have the book open on your lap. If you glance down every now and then to try to figure out where you are, well, that's a type of reading. Truth. Are you with me, readers? (Of course, you pay more attention to what we have to say than that, right? Right?!)

::: crickets :::


  1. haha - I love this update :)

    Can you believe we're past the half way point? It's gone by so fast! I hope you're still having fun - enjoy your remaining books...and movies and tv shows :)

  2. Such a cute update and now I want to watch P&P. Too bad I'm away from home and don't have it with me :(

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Aw. That's why I always keep a copy of P&P in my purse! And my desk at work! And the trunk of my car!

    (Can't ever be too far from Mr. Firth....)



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