Wednesday, July 29, 2009

REVIEW: Ping Pong Pig

Church, C.J.  (2008).  Ping Pong Pig.  New York:  Holiday House.


On the busy Apple Tree Farm, everyone is hard at work except Ping Pong
Pig who is attempting his own endeavour:  Trying to fly.  While Ping
Pong Pig refuses to give up his jumping and leaping, he causes som
damage to the farm that means more work for the other animals.  So,
the other animals of the farm hold a meeting and try to find a way to
help Ping Pong become a flying pig.

With adorable and colorful illustrations, this book can be used to
familiarize young students with farm animals and farm activities.

Activities to Do with the Book:


 A teacher or parent could try to focus on one of several lessons in

this picturebook:  dedication, helping others, giving back, finding
ways to make work fun, and quite possibly the danger of jumping from a
tree branch, etc.

Since students could have a lot of fun with the alliteration of Ping
Pong Pig, a teacher could encourage them to come up with names for the
other animals that also make fun use of sounds.  It could turn into a
poetry-writing activity.

Students could also think of other methods they could use to make Ping
Pong Pig fly.  They could create illustrations of their own flying
inventions or (if older) could page through picturebooks on flying.



Favorite Quotes:


“Apple Tree Farm was a very busy place.  Every day the animals would rush this way and that doing their daily chores.

All the animals worked very hard indeed.  All, that is, except one..."

"Ping Pong Pig was far too busy doing his own thing.  He spent all of his time trying to fly!"

"Ping Pong climbed aboard the trampoline.  He jumped and bounced, and bounced and jumped.  "Wheeeeee...I can fly!" he squealed."

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