Tuesday, July 28, 2009

REVIEW: Love You When You Whine

Jenkins, E.  (2006).  Love You When  You Whine.  New York:  Farrar,
Straus and Giroux.


A mother cat asserts that she loves her trouble-making kitten no
matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT!  Not if the peksy wee feline chews with
her mouth open, throws up on her mother's wool coat, when she whines,

This affirming story is shared from the mother cat's perspective.  The
illustrations have a classic feel to them, with both the mother and
daughter cats wearing dresses.  (no father figures here, folks).  The
cats are pretty weird looking.  For reals:

Vaguely freaky right?  This could be in part to prevent the bad kitten
from looking to cute.  Love You When You Whine has some interesting
similarities and contrasts to David Shannon's No David.  They'd  make
a good book pair.

Activities to Do with the Book:


  A good reaffirming read aloud for a mother and her

toddler, some parents may have to be wary that some of the things that
bad kitten does don't serve as recommended activities for their own

This would be an excellent book to share after a child has gotten in
trouble to help remind said child that even though they were put in a
time-out, it doesn't mean their parent, other family member, or nanny
etc. loves them any less.



Favorite Quotes:


“Love you when you interrupt."

"Love you when you pour cereal on the floor.  And when you ask for every toy in the whole store, one after the other."

"Love you when you paint the walls...and the dog."

"Love you when you scream "Lollipop lollipop lollipop" for forty-five minutes on line at the bank."

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