Thursday, July 30, 2009

REVIEW: Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime

Shea, B.  (2008).  Dinosaur vs. Bedtime.  New York:  Hyperion Books for Children.


Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime places its readers in the position of a young small dinosaur with such conflicts as eating a bowl of spaghetti, going down a slide and getting ready for bed.  Time after time, Dinosaur is successful in his battles, that is until he faces his greatest challenge:  bedtime.

This book is fun and humorous book that will strike children's imaginations throughout their daily rituals and in make-believe play.

The only caution about this book is the general assumption that the conflicts Dinosaur faces must be overcome or defeated in some way.  Of course, most children probably won't mind this win or lose mentality, but it is worth noting.

Activities to Do with the Book:


This book lends itself to young students repeating key phrases from the book, such as "roar" and "dinosaur wins."  A teacher or parent could encourage young listeners and readers to guess the dinosaur's next conflicts before turning each page.

Since the illustrations of the dinosaur are child-like, it could encourage students to draw their own dinosaurs in response.  A teacher could also use this to launch a question and answer session about what dinosaurs actually do, or who typically actually has to deal with such strange creatures as "talking grown-ups."  An awesome introduction to literary and metaphorical thought.

Overall, a fun book to encourage imaginative play.  While it could potentially be used as a bedtime book, I personally think the inherent conflicts, bright colors and sense of play will wind children up instead of drift them off to sleep.  But I don't have a five-year-old to test this theory on.  So, somebody else will have to tell me if they agree or not.



Favorite Quotes:


“ROAR!  I'm a dinosaur!"

"Roar!  Roar!  Roar!  Dinosaur versus...a pile of leaves!"


"Now Dinosaur must face his biggest challenge!"

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