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Jocelyn, M., & Slaughter, T.  (2007)EATS.  Plattsburgh, NY:  Tundra Books.




As a concept book, Eats shares simple images of various animals and a common type of food that beasty eats. 


Each page includes an animal pictured with that food labeled according to color codes.  There are no complete sentences and if the child recognizes the animal and food chances are good the child will not even need to glance at the text.  So, if a teacher is using this book to help with phonics or early literacy, a parent or teacher will have to remind the young reader to slow down and actually look at the words and sound them out.


This is a good book to incorporate the world and nature beyond a child’s familiar home.



Activities to Do with the Book:


Since all of the words in the text of this picturebook are in lower case, this would be an excellent book to share with students who are just learning to write their letters.  It could be used with a child’s first trip to a zoo.


Before reading the book, a teacher could ask about a child’s favorite animals and what he or she knows about said animals.  Then based off of the book, a teacher or parent could ask questions about what other animals and foods the child is familiar with, beginning with what he or she likes.  A child could be prompted to name some of the locations where the animals live.


The book also incorporates many primary colors so a parent or teacher could ask the child to name the various colors and objects.



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