Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, JK Rowling!

You kinda set the bar high for the rest of us aspiring authors.  A book series certain to be remembered and shared for centuries, wonderful charity work, going from super-poor to being richer than the queen.  The rest of us are left writing in a post-Harry Potter world.  But then, I suppose, you face that same difficulty even more so.  This is when I'd pick a pretty new pen-name.  

Any-hoo, thank you, Ms. Rowling for being born and giving me my Snapey.  (Since it's your birthday, I'll avoid ranting about what you did to my beloved man in your seventh book) And instead, I'll just say that I shall give him mental hugs that he would abhor forevers.  Oh, Snapey-poo.

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