Saturday, August 1, 2009

McMullan, J., & McMullan, K.  (2008).  I'm Bad!  New York:  Joanna Cotler Books.


One big and bad Tyrannosaurus describes himself for the reader, comparing himself to the size and power of a human, doing an excellent job of putting this beasty in perspective.  Despite the Tyrannosaurus's size and strength, it still has trouble capturing an animal in it's big huge jaws.  It is worth noting that the voice of the Tyrannosaurus is very strong and modern and incorporates some anthropomorphized language ways of viewing himself. 

The illustrations are bright, colorful and include many images in the Tyrannosaurus in odd positions.  The story also includes a lot of onamonapia that students would probably have fun yelling out during a read aloud.

This picturebook does subtly address the theory that Tyrannosaurus was a scavenger instead of a hunter.   


Activities to Do with the Book:


 Sharing I'm Bad could be an introduction to research projects on dinosaurs.  It could also be a nice addition to a students' collection of books who is already obsessed with dinosaurs.  Also, since so much of the book emphasizes the Tyrannosaurus attempting to get food, a teacher could direct discussion to how people get food, whether students have learned to fish from a relative or whether they depend on a waiter or waitress to hand them their meal.



Favorite Quotes:


“Are you bad?  I'm REALLY bad.  Scare-the-tails-off-all-the-other-dinosaurs bad."

"Did you just call me BABY ARMS?

Long as yours, pal--20 times strong.  Think about it...."

"I hate fast food."


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