Saturday, April 9, 2011

Readathon: Monica's Fourth Update

Shel and I were reflecting today about how we've done quite a few Readathons at this point, and it's fun every time. Are you guys still all going strong and reading like champs, friends and readers?

I worked my way through House Without Windows, which was just... fantastic. I love old books to start with--I think it's that super-ancient-paper smell--and this one in particular was even better than normal. I was planning on reviewing it here but I think I may actually need to let it percolate for a few hours before I attempt it. I babble under the best of circumstances, so probably trying to write something serious after... many... many hours of reading and caffeine... isn't the best idea.

Next up, I'll be tackling Inside Out! I have heard it's brilliant in pretty much every way, so I have high hopes it'll carry me through the evening.

Keep on reading!

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