Sunday, April 10, 2011

Readathon: Monica's Fifth Update

Oooooh, I'm really enjoying my current book--Inside Out by Maria Snyder. I had been worrying, because I finished Across the Universe not too many days ago, and it seemed like two futuristic mystery-ish spaceship novels in almost as many days might be too much. Apparently, though, I'm just a spaceship kind of girl. ;)

This may be my last post of the Readathon, unfortunately. I am going to keep at the actual reading portion of it, but I have moved to my bedroom and... there's a strong chance that I'm going to pass out unexpectedly for the remainder of the night. I will try to remain strong, though!!

Just in case, it has been a brilliant day! Thanks to all who participated on our Mini-Challenge. And see you next year!!!

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