Sunday, December 12, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Hush, Hush (Chapters 19-24)

Hey all! We're back, with our second-to-last installment of Hush, Hush, which, I have to tell you, Shel and I are just loving.


And by "loving," I mean we keep asking ourselves, "Is there a new way for us to express how creepy we find everyone? Or should we just not reiterate it, and try to bluff our way through the rest of the novel?"

Bluffing aside, however, our comments on chapters 19 - 24 are below. Feel free to jump in with comments of your own -- we may be the only people on earth who loathe this book, so definitely try to convince us otherwise if you're a fan. ;)

Shel: At first I felt like Nora got to the "Patch's scars match those of the fallen angel in that mural I saw that one time" place too quickly, but then I remembered being so annoyed that it took Bella sooooooo long to figure out Edward was a vampire in Twilight. How did you feel about it?

Monica: I... yes. I think it's okay. It was a *little* fast, but honestly, can you think of a way that she would have learned about it? At least Bella had websites and stuff; I think the likelihood of Nora being able to google "funny shoulder marks" and learn about fallen angels is a slimmer one. So murals it is!

Shel: Of course, she did still find the exactly right information on falling angels on the first website she visited.

Monica: ::: laughs ::: Her search engine must be epic, because when *I* type in "angel wing scars," my first five links are to tattoo websites, and the sixth is to a review of Hush, Hush. Once again, deus ex machina saves the daaaaay!

On the other hand, at least we're FINALLY getting somewhere with the angels. Were you getting as frustrated as me, Shel, waiting for them to pop up? It's the danger of having a fallen angel in both the cover and the tag line -- we have to wait to get into the action until Nora finally figures it out....

Shel: I know, I was excited to finally have a little angle action. Not that I think of angels as being action-oriented. This is what? The second book we've read about romantically inclined angels? I still have trouble viewing angels as sexual beasties.

On another tangent, Nora's trip to Portland turned tragic fast. On the plus side, Portland, Maine seems to be home to ladies with attitude. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever travel there.

Monica: Looking to pick up your own tragically fallen angel? Who... will basically force you into the shower? Yick. I think I would have rather stayed in my soaking wet clothes, instead of going through the drama of Patch In The Dark. What do you think?

Shel: I don't know, Monica, when I face potential rapists/killers in a sleazy hotel room, I think the only way to do it is in undies and a camisole. Duh. Movies taught me that much.

Monica: Just don't kiss on the mouth! That way lies tragedy and Richard Gere!

Shel: Nothing says "sexy" like "when we first met, I was trying to kill you.

Monica: Ah, welcome to the world of paranormal romance. If the threat of death isn't ever present, the relationship has absolutely no chance of working out.

Okay kids -- let's get this over with. Our comments on chapters 25 onwards will be up on Wednesday. Read, read if you still have it in you! Perhaps the finale will redeem itself!?!?

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