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Literary Feast Discussion: Hush, Hush (The End!)

So, the below post is beeeeeeeeeeeeyond late, few but dear readers.  If I said one of us just didn't want to finish the book because we were so in love with it and with Patch would you believe me?


No, I didn't think so.

Well, on to our concluding thoughts of Hush, Hush.  Keep in mind, spoilers abound!  And also, whether you agree or disagree with what Monica and I have to say about the book, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Shel: I don't really understand how I'm supposed to feel about the scene in the women's restroom of the movie theater. Is this a knowledge dump? (*snort* dump in the bathroom.) or is this a romantic couple-y moment? Because the vital information is being given in such an off-hand manner and I'm not feeling the sexual tension....

Monica: I mostly just like how it played out all kidnappy. "Stand up and walk out of the theater," growls Patch. "No funny business, now -- don't make me hurt you!"

No lie, though, I did laugh when the guy sitting by Nora tried to bribe her with his soda, to shut her up. If only it was that easy....

Shel: Dabria disappeared way too easily. Obviously she'll pop up in later books, but still, disappointing.

Monica: What, the phrase "All taken care of" was too pat for you? ;) I was kind of bored of her, no lie, so I guess I don't really mind that we didn't get to see some sort of semi-epic battle between her and Patch, whilst he tore off her wings and she shrieked a lot. Yick.

Shel: And I quote: "I could smell the fear on my breath" (p. 357). How does that work? Is fear something that is sniffable in one's breath? Is this a common human experience? Have I just never been frightened enough to smell fear on my own breath? I'll admit, I'm not big on smelling my own breath, but...Monica, am I an abnormal human being or a normal one in this case?

Monica: Oh my God, I didn't even NOTICE that one! Thank you, thank you for pointing it out -- imagine if I hadn't gotten the opportunity to giggle at Nora once more, before the end.... I imagine that her senses are just SUPER AWESOME. After all, she can already tell that the hallways are radiating a hidden menace, and she can also control the weather so that perfectly-timed shafts of light from the moon keep illuminating key plot points. Smelling her own fear seems like it would be EASY, comparatively.

Shel: So, for the entire scene in which Nora is running around the school, being attacked/looking for Vee, I just kept thinking, "WHERE THE FRAK IS PATCH?" but I was also fully aware that he'd inexplicably show up at just the right moment to save Nora (cause us ladies can't save ourselves).

Monica: Nope! We can scream well, and occasionally run, and every once and a while summon up some tiny spark of rebellion, but apparently in the end we a) always need rescuing and b) always give in to the will of our strong, potentially abusive maybe-boyfriends. Good times.

Shel: When Nora is all, "I wish I had one more minute with Patch, another shared laugh (what laughs?!) on page 378, I couldn't help but want to add "another moment when I thought he was stalking me/trying to kill me. OR BEST OF ALL--BOTH!"

Monica: No laughs. Have they *ever* laughed together? Patch occasionally smiles, but it's always "pinched around the corners" or else it's a "fox smile." Not what I would want more of, to be honest.

But you're right! Perhaps she longs for more moments where she turns around and he's staring at her like a total creeper, or moments where he's forcing her to sleep in the same bed as him, or moments where her mind is screaming, "No, no, I don't like him" but her heart is saying "Well, maybe stalking is how he says he loves me?"

Shel: I know *I'd* want more of those moments. I'm having Twilight flashbacks. Once again we have a girl who thinks she'll save the ones she loves by hurting/killing herself.

Monica: "Gasp!" says Nora. "Jules is right! I am weak! I am easy! I shall sacrifice myself!" Sigh. Thank God, Patch is there to possess her body, just in time to save the day. Because then, you see, it's *like* she is defeating evil, only she doesn't have to do anything, and can use the strength of her creeptastic boyfriend(?) rather than her own.

And then, if that's not enough, one can always throw oneself off the rafters, apparently.....

Shel: Victory for the good guys! Also, it's official. If my guardian angel ever makes a move on me (assuming I *have* a guardian angel), I will fire him/it and sue him/it for sexual harassment. Inappropriate conduct in his/its work place.

Monica: It really makes you long for those foofy little cherubs, doesn't it? At least they probably won't watch you undress as per most of the guardian angels we've read about recently...

Shel: Or at the very least, cherubs are wearing little diapers and could be easily pantsed as I yell, "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, JERK!"

Monica: I'm sorry, but at least Edward acted like he loved Bella. Do you get *any* sense that Patch cares about Nora, aside from the fact that he apparently didn't accept her Hurled Off The Rafters sacrifice? I get the cat toying with a mouse feeling, but not the omg our love is eternal type of one.

Monica: Okay Shel, admit it. What are your final thoughts? Me, I'm giving this a solid "Meh," coupled with "I'm so glad that this type of book wasn't around during my formative years, because I'm pretty sure my understanding of love, as well as my overall self-esteem, would have suffered."

Shel: No lie? I'm pretty 'meh' myself, coupled with confusion over how many people are going crazy over this series. I'm just not feeling that Patch is in any way sexy. I do think the author does a good job of creating an eerie gothic setting though.

And without further ado, Hush, Hush has been added to our stalker scale:

Monica and I may take a couple of weeks off before our next feast.  We both need to recover from all this stalker craziness.  Plus, I have dissertation related stress.  (So fun!)

Best wishes to you all.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.  (Or don't feel free...feel required!)

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