Friday, November 5, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Sisters Red (through Chapter 20)

Oh my goodness, Cool Cats!  Would you believe that I dropped into a time warp thingy and that's why this is so late?  Because that's my story.

So, since you've clearly been desperately waiting for a week, lets dive straight in and discuss the third quarter of Sisters Red.

Shel: So, I know you were all, "every guy is a wolf!!!!!! What a skewed sense of danger!" But SERIOUSLY. These fenris (fenrises?) are EVERYWHERE! Damn. I may never leave my house again. Every man is a potential wolf waiting to devour us.

Monica: Which is the thing I'm a little confused by... What is the moral of this!? That the only good guy is the one who has been with you your whole life, except that he might turn out to be evil too?

Shel: I'm confuzzled. Why are there woods by a bowling alley in a city? I don't understand.

Monica: ::: laughs ::: I didn't even THINK about that! Maybe they're just on the very edge of town? Maybe we're supposed to draw some sort of parallel about the creepiness of the woods encroaching on the people-filled city? Maybe it's an editor's error?

Shel: Let's see, "With knowledge comes responsibility." Where have I heard something like that before? I think Spiderman wants its butchered line back.

Monica: I thought that too, for real. It's the problem with epic lines that are both true, and apply to many situations; you're never really able to use them again once they are associated with something famous, or people think you're copying. Like, if Scarlett was all "TELL ME THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING!" and Rosie was like, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!" You know?

Shel: I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!  These relationships could be a case study on co-dependency.

Monica: Or an episode of Jerry Springer, for real. "I'm In Love With A Man Who Might Be A Vampire... And He Is In Love With My Sister!" And the audience goes wiiiild!!

Shel: I would not watch that show.  Wow, this section is an emotional rollercoaster. I may break down and weep, uncertain if I should be overjoyed, angry, depressed. So many emotions!

Monica: I'm staying with "hesitant" and "vaguely worried." I'm not sure how this is all going to turn out.....

Shel: do you feel about Silas's "I always wanted you" confession in chapter 19? I have to say, he lost points with me for that.

Monica: MAJOR POINT LOSING. Seriously, dude, way to phrase it in the most ridiculous way possible. I don't know. Especially since I would definitely have thought he would have viewed her as a younger-sister figure earlier on... eh. I'm not too concerned, though, since probably he's going to end up eating her anyway.

Okay, hot dogs, that's it for this round of the discussion.  Next up, we'll finish the book.  (And hopefully you won't have to starve, waiting for us to update.  HOPEFULLY.  Maybe.  Probably.  We'll see.)

As an I'm sorry offering here are some Sisters Red buttons:  YAYZ!  You luvz us again, right?

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