Sunday, October 10, 2010

#Readathon: Shel's Eighth Update

Guys, I think we've reached that time...that time where my bed is beckoning me.  That time where I tell myself that it's okay to read in bed.  I'll just put on PJs and brush my teeth first out of habit, not because I'm actually going to sleep.  And I'll rest in bed, at first, with the blankets pushed off to a corner.  But soon enough, without thinking, as I keep reading, I'll be under the blankets.  I'll just remind myself that I won't put my head down.  But I will put my head down, few but dear readers.  Then I'll tell myself that I'll just close my eyes for a minute.  See, I'll still hold my spot in my book with my hand.  No harm, no foul.  

Then I'll open my eyes and it will be light out  and my neck will be sore from where I slept on my book.  I will curse and quickly fill-out the final readathon survey and backdate it for the time when the thing actually ended earlier in the morning.

I welcome that time, friends!  I welcome that experience!  It all seems rather pleasant.

Stay strong, my fellow readers and cheerleaders!  And if anyone asks, tell them I stayed strong too.

Coffee:   No more cups of coffee for awhile.

Books Finished:  Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett (picturebook), The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson (picturebook), The Village Garage by G. Brian Karas (picturebook), The Trucker by Barbara Samuels (picturebook), Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin, 80ish pages of The Twilight Prisoner by Katherine Marsh (To Be Continued Later!), David Macinnis Gill's Black Hole Sun (to be reviewed on Monday!), over 100 pages of Countdown by Deborah Wiles, the beginning of Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie by Joel Stewart (picturebook) and whatever I bring to bed with me.

Book I’m Currently Reading:  Whatever I bring to bed with me.

Snacks Consumed Since Last Update:  No more snackies.  My teeth are all brush-ied.

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  1. Great work! Enjoy your sleep (I can't wait to go to bed myself)!



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