Saturday, October 9, 2010

#Readathon Challenge Response: Armchair Traveling

I've spent the last hour working through some of Katherine Marsh's The Twilight Prisoner:

In it Jack and his friend Cora travel to the New York City underworld and fly around the city as ghosts.

So far in the book they've visited the Campus of Columbia:

The American Natural History Museum:

And The New York Public Library:

Thus far, I am getting an excellent tour of a city that my one previous actual visit to involved a flight layover, during which I missed my connecting flight back to Pittsburgh.  That did give me time to buy a "I *heart* New York" T-shirt though.  Maybe I should find that shirt and wear it now....

1 comment:

  1. New York is on my list of places to get to one day! Thanks so much for participating in my mini-challenge, and congrats on your readathon achievements.



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