Monday, October 25, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Sisters Red (Chapters 6 - 11)

Hey kids! Have you all been enjoying Sisters Red thus far? We've tackled chapters six through eleven below, so feel free to read along... and jump into the conversation!

Shel: Okay, so I'm kinda confused. How many fenris are there in the world? Cause it seems like all men, except Silas, are soulless fenriss...fenrises...fenri? (Is this an underlying message about the true nature of men?) But then all the little wolvies are freaking out so much about one wee-baby potential wolf-puppy. It makes me confuzzled.

Monica: Have we met a single non-Fenris guy at this point, aside from Silas!? Hang on. Let me review. There's the crack addict guy in their apartment... the bus driver... Screwtape the Cat... and the dude drumming in the subway. (Side note, I am pretty much in love with him. I'm going to integrate "chickadee" as a term of endearment, as of right now.) So in summary, Shel, you're right. What's up, Jackson Pearce? Are there really no redeemable men in your world!?

Shel: Okay, so the booksmugglers blog had cited chapter seven as being the source of a lot of "blame the victim" ideology in the story. I have to say, I did not get that vibe. While I suppose you could read it that way, I thought most of that scene was about bitter Scarlett behaving bitterly. It goes to the ignorance being bliss/knowledge being a curse tension.

Monica: I... I did actually get that vibe, as I was reading it. Because really? "... everything about them luring the Fenris. Inviting danger like some baby animal bleating its fool head off. Look at me, see how I dance, did you notice my hair, look again, desire me, I am perfect. Stupid, stupid Dragonflies" (108). True, Scarlett does then immediately roll her eyes and reflect on how she will save them anyway, because, wait for it, "Ignorance is no reason to die," but... I can certainly see why people might get up in arms about this chapter.

On the other hand, when HASN'T Little Red Riding Hood been filled with invited sexual tension? The original, with a cute little girl walking alone in the woods in a bright-colored cloak whilst she talked to dangerous strangers... that wasn't exactly subtle either. ;)

Shel: I'm so glad that the story clarified what it meant about being a woodsman. All this time, I'd thought being a woodsman was about being a wolfkiller (a la Little Red Riding Hood). But nope, it turns out it's more of a sweaty Wolverine in Wolverine X-Men Origins sort of job.

Monica: Mmmmmmm.... I like it so much more, now that you've drawn that parallel.... Unfortunately, the only woodsmanesque photo I can find to post looks sort of like he's learning how to fly. Faithful readers, I leave it to you to Google your own Hot Wolverine images at your leisure, if you don't like mine. ;)

Shel: Origami? Really?

Monica: Sure! Why not? Blade Runner managed to make it look badass, and Harrison Ford wasn't even as skilled at throwing knives as Rosie is!

Shel: On second thought, if Rosie can make an Origami Yoda I will totally be jealous. I wanna make a yoda!

Monica: Sweetie, as soon as we are done with this book, we'll learn how.

Shel: I'll bet another five books that the "seventh son of the seventh son" thingy so casually mentioned is going to be the key to who is a potential wolf. Look out Silas, you're going to have to shave more than your face soon.

Monica: ::: LAUGHS ::: Again, this book isn't huge on subtlety. I was, however, sort of surprised at the way that Silas is being handled here. This doesn't really seem like a Seventh Son kind of book, in my opinion -- I would have expected something more along the lines of "Silas, your mother was once charmed by an attractive man with yellow eyes," or something like that....

Whoo! I'm not going to lie, guys -- this book is both super enjoyable, and super... dark. And kind of draining. I'm worried about what the next five chapters will bring, but don't worry. Shel and I are up for the challenge. ;)

Meet back here on Friday, and we'll see how the book progresses!

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