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Literary Feast Discussion: I Am Number Four (Part 1)

Ahahaha... remember when Shel was all, "We'll have the first 8 chapters posted on Monday," and you were like "YAY OUR LIVES HAVE MEANING!"
Just don't look at the date on this, okay?
It's completely my fault, anyway -- Shel was assuming her co-reviewer would be a responsible sort of person. ;)


I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies)
Are y'all ready for some I Am Number Four action? Yes? Then let's get to it.


Monica: Shel, I’m not sure about this book already. You know why? Because it’s a series. It’s so series-ish that they’ve got the series name stamped on the outside pages, so that no matter how you shelve the book, you can see the name. I’m nervous, no lie.

Shel: Be strong, Monica. We're living in a series' world. Of course, having said that, I didn't realize it was a series when I first ordered it online. From now on, I guess we should just assume any and all books are the start of a series.

Monica: Sigh. Oh, and CREEPY BEGINNING! It’s like.... like the start of Jurassic Park, you know? With the nighttime, and the scary noises, and people being torn apart by things with big teeth?

Shel: Egad, when I was a wee little child whose parents decided to ignore the fact that that movie may be somewhat terrifying for their daughter, I found that movie beginning disturbing. I was terrified by swan sounds and giant cages for years. But thinking of IAN4, I thought the beginning of the book was very visual as well.

Monica: For sure. Even after the Attack of the Mogadorians, it's pretty crazy. Poor #4. I thought my middle school experiences were bad, but at least my leg never caught fire mid-date....

Shel: I wish my leg would have caught fire mid-date. That would have been an excellent excuse to leave that football game. And the ankle scars don't sound too awful...but maybe that date was just that much worse... Hmm. What do you think of the use of the present tense?

Monica: I'm okay with it. Honestly, out of all the things that are currently irritating me about this book (like the fact that "WE!!!" is written out so many times on the back cover I'm starting to feel cultish) the tense isn't even on the top ten. Plus, it gives everything a little more immediacy -- this is all happening right now. I could be Mogadorianed at ANY MOMENT.

Shel: I don't like all the shiz they're saying about my adopted state. Ohio is a cool place. You all need to realize.

Monica: Seriously! I mean, apparently Ohio is currently filled with aliens! That's cool, right? Aliens who have glowing hands... and crystals.... Okay, they're kind of boring aliens, I'm not going to lie.

Shel: I was expecting a more original name than John Smith. I mean, really? REALLY?! You change your name dozens of times and you think John Smith will be a refreshing change?

Monica: It makes me wonder what he was called the other thirty-seven times. "Bojangles McGee"? "Alex Frittata"? "Translucent Elvandovich"?

Shel: Right, back to the book, the scene when 4 meets Sarah made me want to roll my eyes. Please. Seriously, I had to roll my eyes so much that The Mother had to ask me if I was okay.

Monica: I was mostly wondering why on earth she was wandering around taking photos on a random day on a random morning. Is the school newspaper that desperate for spreads? (Also, really? Soft blue eyes and charming? In Ohio?!) (Sorry Shel! Couldn't help it!)

That's it for today, kids -- but don't fret! We'll be back on Saturday with comments to chapters 9 - 15.

For reals, this time.

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