Monday, August 2, 2010

Literary Feast Invitation: Mockingbird

I know, friends. I know. It has been a whole week-or-so since White Cat ended, and you have subsequently found your lives to be empty and desolate.
"Where are Monica and Shel?" you ask yourselves. "How could they have left us, bereft and alone, without any new Literary Feasts?"
Don't worry!
We're back with a new book -- Mockingbird, by the talented Katherine Erskine.

What does Booklist have to say about it?

Ten-year-old Caitlyn hates recess, with all its noise and chaos, and her kind, patient counselor, Mrs. Brook, helps her to understand the reasons behind her discomfort, while offering advice about how to cope with her Asberger’s Syndrome, make friends, and deal with her grief over her older brother’s death in a recent school shooting. She eschews group projects in class, claiming that she doesn’t need to learn how to get along with others, but solitude is neither good for her or her grieving father, and when Caitlyn hears the term closure, she turns to her one trusty friend, her dictionary, and sets out on a mission to find it for both of them. Along the way, Caitlyn makes many missteps, but eventually she does achieve the long-sought closure with great finesse, which is another of her favorite vocabulary words.

I personally am a little hesitant about this one, but Shel has urged me to buck up and brace for it -- and you all should as well!

We'll be starting this off on Friday with the firs 68 pages (through chapter 11), so hit up the library or Amazon, and grab yourself a copy. See you all soon!

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