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Literary Feast Discussion: Mockingbird (Chapters 1-11)

MockingbirdHey tweety birds!

So, we've made our way through the first third of Kathryn Erskine's Mockingbird. Monica and I have found ourselves immersed in Caitlin's perspective. You can find our conversation below. Keep in mind that Monica and I lurve to talk over the details of books' plots, so there are spoilers below.

So, look over what we have to say about the book, then feel free to share your own insights about Mockingbird.

(And by the way, each time I type Mockingbird, I almost type MockingJAY. Who has Hunger Games on the brain? I do! I do!)


Shel: I think Erskine did an amazing job of getting in Caitlin's perspective. At the funeral I really felt like I was seeing it through the character's eyes. I felt overwhelmed like she did.

Monica: Ditto. I was looking for a sweater to stick my head under, for sure. Plus, I love how we can see how overwhelmed everyone is – her father (letting her hide under his shirt even though he normally doesn’t), the completely useless relatives and neighbors (offering food and sympathy and getting on Caitlin’s nerves), the teachers….

Plus, best of all, there are only a few run-on sentences! I admit, that was my one worry about this book, brought about by my experiences with The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night Time…..

Shel: Have you ever eaten a salad with apple sauce as the dressing? That does not appeal.

Monica: I too would pick out all the green stuff and just eat the apple sauce. Or, honestly, I might just have eaten more Pop Tarts and skipped the semi-natural food altogether. (Her poor father. I suppose it’s hard to explain “No, I don’t want to eat dinner at dinner time” to someone who requires such consistent scheduling.)

Shel: Those peeps had better finish building Devon's chest before this book ends.

Monica: I think we can be pretty confident they will. I feel like I’ve been beaten over the head by a Totally Not Subtle stick, myself. (Broken chest! Shot in the chest! Unfinished chest!) If they don’t, it will *only* be because we’re waiting for the upcoming sequel, “Devon’s Chest.”

Shel: SCHOOL SHOOTING?!!!!!! REALLY?! No!!!!!! I'm school shooted-out. I just finished Hate List. And I'm still getting over the emotional drain from that book. *Weeps* Ugh. And after I'd reviewed that book, you were all "Shel, I could never read that book." And now I'm making you read another book with similar themes. I'm sorry, Monica.

Monica: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeel! SHEL WHY!? Seriously!? I was assuming car crash, and you give me a school shooting?! Sigh. I wonder if they’re going to go into more detail, or if (because of the way we experience things through Caitlin’s point of view) the adults will keep us pretty much in the dark about the specifics of the event.

Shel: We need fluff STAT!

Monica: None. There will be no fluff at all. The fluffiest that I’m seeing on the horizon is when I close the book and see the cute little cartoon bird on the back cover.

Shel: Okay, I do like the scene where she tries to teach Josh manners. I foresee a friendship between those two.

Monica: Gaaah, I can’t handle how every single child in this book is going through major emotional upheavals. I can’t wait to see more of him, though; so far, I really appreciate the way Caitlin hates him because he’s a bully and a jerk, rather than for the fact that his cousin happened to kill her brother. At least she’s loathing him for something he can control. ;)

Shel: Also, her exchange with Michael is so cute! Aw, wee little boys with mourning Bambi eyes. Cute!

Monica: I have to laugh, because I’m finding her interactions with him so frustrating. I want to know WHY he has mourning Bambi eyes, and she’s just talking to him about manners! It makes sense that it doesn’t cross her mind to find out why he is sad, which of course makes the book even more realistic, but… darn it, Caitlin! Act totally out of character and delve into that poor boy’s issues for me!

Shel: Also, I want gummy worms.

Monica: Sour ones for me, please!!

Okay, after we're done with our run to pick up some gummy worms, we'll being venturing through chapters 12-24 of the book. We'll post the discussion sometime on Wednesday. Hope to see you back here (with your comments!) then!

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