Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shel: #Readathon Update Nine

Thanks to everyone who participated in our challenge!  It was really difficult to choose a winner.  Some of you were hilarious, others were so thoughtful and still others showed us pictures (I don't know about Monica, but my brain was all about a lack of words at this late hour).

I am feeling vaguely surprised to see all of the healthy foods you are all enjoying out there.  

No, "surprise" is not the right word. 

To be frank, I am shocked you are all so healthy.  Were you all raised to be this way?  Was I the only one taught to think gobbling coffee ice cream doused in chocolate and fruit served beside a Milky Way bar smeared with peanut butter was good brain food?  Whose family failed whom here?  Cause, let me tell you, I feel like a winner.

I also feel shocked that there are readers who have drunk more coffee than me.  I did not know that was possible.  You guys don't by any chance have heart palpitations too, do you?

But more than anything, your rich descriptions of foods and drinks have made me both hungry and thirsty once more.

But I'm going to ignore the last feelings and instead finally take that little nap I've been thinking about for the last five hours.

And by "little nap" I mean that the DON'T YOU DARE DISTURB ME, PUNKS, OR I JUST MIGHT BEHEAD YOU USING ONLY MY DULL COFFEE-STAINED TEETH!!!!!!1! sign is metaphorically up.

Sweet reading dreams, internetzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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