Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hungry Readers #Readathon Challenge

Hello again, Readathoners!

It's nice to see that all-ya-alls are still up and reading!

For this challenge, we want to read about or see the foods and drinks that are keeping you awake and reading. Possibilities include answering one or a few of the following questions. What's your reading fuel? And how much of this food or drink have you consumed during the readathon? Do you have a story of how you've had to work to get your page-turning hands on that food or drink? Have a picture to post about the disgusting, satisfying and secret munchie that's keeping your eyes open? Have you recruited a family member to be your food servant? Are you actually considering using an IV of caffeine?

Another approach would be to tell us about the foods that are being described in some of the books that you are reading. Is there anything that seems particularly appetizing?

To participate just leave your answer/story in the comments below or include a link to your blog where we can find your response or picture.

In terms of winning the challenge and getting the chance two choose from two of the readathon prize books or a prize pack, we'll be looking for the most humorous or outrageous foods and drinks. But, Monica and I are also a bit loopy due to lack of sleep (and we'll be even more so by the end when we choose the winner) so a little bit of randomness may enter into the judging process.

(Monica: No, seriously guys. I'm pretty much gnawing on the walls at this point, I'm so loopy. Use caps if you want to get my attention... oh, and bribing me with more Red Bull is always an option.....)

Happy reading photo-taking and writing, readers!


  1. i hired a slave to cook for me. his name is tolkien. he made salami sammiches for lunch and steak fajitas for dinner.

    no joke on the name. but, just kidding about the hiring part. he's doing it for free, because he loves me. :)

    p.s. my boyfriend's name is tolkien. and i'm a little loopy, too.

  2. this isn't an entry, but the thought of you chewing on some drywall does make for some interesting read-a-thon snacking "material". LOL.
    Have a great night and keep those lids pried open!

  3. Good luck with all your reading-I am just hopping around encouraging the readers-I had a seminar today and have two groups of friends-one from the East Coast the other from Australia in town so to say I could not participate is an understatement but I could not stay away.

    Well we just downed some Ben and Jerry icecream- and jumped in the jacuzzi.

  4. It seems like, in every book I read, there is food. Whether the characters are cooking, going out to restaurants or just shoppping, there is always food.

    In the book I am currently reading (The Girl Who Played With Fire) they have only really ducked out to the store to get eggs and drunk a lot of coffee.

    I then had eggs for breakfast and drank a lot of coffee.

    I have this weird tendency, when I read about food, to eat it. This can be a very bad thing. For example, when reading the "Gabriel Allon" series by Daniel Silva, the characters drunk a lot of wine.. so sure enough, I practically became an alcoholic while reading that series (I also spilt a glass of wine all over one of the books too! brand new!).

    Point of my very very tired rant... If I read about food in a books I need to eat it.

  5. I don't have anything humerous or loopy to share I am afraid. My choices have been totally random depending on my mood, crumpets with honey, cheese on toast, a choclate egg left over from easter, coffee, 2 beers and now some sundried tomato and basil corn thins, yum!!

    In the book I am reading, Surfacing by Margaret Atwood, the characters are off fishing and are glad that their dinner doesn't rely on their ability to catch fish!

    Page Turners

  6. Hm...well, I've been gnawing on my fingernails for a while. But, my choices are not quite that exciting. Mostly an entire bag of Cadbury mini eggs. Those things are so addicting and I will probably crash in a while from the sugar overdose, but they are worth it. I've also chugged some gatorade, but mostly for the electrolytes. Caffeine does weird things to my body, so nothing with any of that.

    I do have the husband bringing me water. And then grapes. And then another snack. And then turning the pages for me. Ok, scratch that last, but he's been very good to me as far as food (and laundry, but that's another story).

  7. Nothing too crazy, but I did drink about six cans of diet soda, and popped a lot of Parmesan goldfish in my mouth to keep awake. And Circus animal cookies. Hot dogs. Grasshoppers. I'm realizing I had a bit of an animal theme to my food!

  8. Here is my entry. Don't worry: I'm going loopy from sleep too.

  9. Throughout the readathon I've drank at least half a pot of coffe and had a couple of pops. I'm really needing a caffine IV. Instead I'll have to settle for a MT. Dew Livewire. I didn't stock up on snacks so it's pieces of cheese left over from a meat and cheese platter from my wedding, and pb&j's. I'm seriously considering sneaking up to my room and taking my reading light and going outside to read so that the fresh air will keep me awake. Only thing is my husband hasn't gotten much sleep and has to get up early and I won't be able to hear my son when he wakes up.

  10. I've been pretty well-behaved today, and no interesting food reading going on. Here's my post.

  11. Tired and hungry is when you don't bother to cook ramen noodles anymore -- you just eat them out of the package like a crunchy snack.

  12. I had quite a bit of coffee this morning, and come to think of it it's amazing that I haven't had any caffeine since around noon!

    A cup of tea is sounding nice about right now.

    I had a couple Easter eggs (hardboiled) that the kids dyed last weekend, and some candy that I had hidden for myself. Otherwise, it was the usual foods for me during the readathon!

  13. here is my food list

    not all that exciting but it got me through the night..well, that and a little nap

  14. My post is influenced by high quantities of coffee and sugar in combination with lack of sleep.

  15. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap, so obviously no food was working for me! But I'm thinking I will either dip into some tater tots or chew on solid coffee beans?

  16. No wacky foods...for me. I did drink like 5 cups of tea...Earl Grey Iced Tea and Japanese Dragon Phoenix Pearl Tea (or what my friend and I call...Harry Potter Tea). So to top it off I drank tons of water and a cup of hot chocolate. So yeah I had to go to the bathroom quite a bit *sigh*

    And then for lunch today I ate nachos, but I used Pepper Jack Cheese to spice it up and I don't like spicy, but figured it would wake me up a little bit.


  17. *stumbles in*

    Thank the lord for the Starbucks instant coffee!!!! It is strong and has been giving me the kick I need when I have felt sluggish! Haven't slept yet since my start time started! :D

  18. Here is my post;

  19. Definitely need to prepare more healthy food next time. My post is here.

  20. Here's my answer:

  21. well, i've pretty much knawed off all my fingernails, eaten a package of mint oreos (my hubby got a few too), eaten pizza, a LOT of soda and a LOT of coffee.... and one glass of water for good measure.

  22. im living on italian soda and chocolate :)

  23. One of the books I read, The TIme of the Doves, is set in Barcelona. The characters kept going to drink vermouth and eat baby octopuses. I'm going to find some, fry some and eat them with pepper sauce after the read-athon!

  24. In the past 24+ hrs, the only thing I've subsisted on is cherry Pop Tarts and Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea. (Oh, I did have a PB&J sandwich a couple hours ago.)

    But...I also happen to be reading about food, which involves fried fish, apples, pudding, and beer. Hooray for Natalie Babbitt!

    The Hungry Readers Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge

    Apologies for any mistakes or omission of words in the above comment. My eyes are bleary right now and my fingers are blearier.



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