Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monica: Readathon Update 1

Hi all!

I hope you're enjoying the Readathon so far!

I definitely am -- I'm nose deep in Seeker by William Nicholson, and despite the fact that it's book one of a trilogy and heaven knows I'm usually loathe to pick up a new series... I'm loving it!

It does, however, make me think that there are too many people named Seeker. Harry is a Seeker. Richard Rahl is a Seeker. My new bestie from this book is Seeker. Come on, guys -- It's all well and good to Seek, but don't we ever have a Finder?

1 comment:

  1. This is a little boost that you might need in the later hours of the Read a Thon:

    When you're down and you can't read but you've already tried those sweets. Sit right back up and sing this old song! All of a sudden you can read along!!!!

    Enjoy :)



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