Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monica: Readathon Mini Challenge ("Book Title Sentence")

Ooh, I do love Mini Challenges. Usually about halfway through the day I burn out on them, though, so I figure I'll pack as many in now as I can, while I'm still motivated.
This one, from Bart's Bookshelf, is tricky, because it makes me want to spend long hours coming up with the perfect phrase.
But no.
Instead I just whipped three books off the shelf and called it good.

"The virgin and the dinosaur, trespassing, set this house in order."


(Those are the best kind of trespassers, obviously. The ones who clean at the same time.)

In unrelated news, Shel, your idyllic reading spot seems nicer than mine. I'm perched on a pile of laundry, fending off the dog and trying to type and read at the same time.....



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