Saturday, April 3, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Eternal (pp. 153-233)

EternalHowdy cool cats!  We are back again with the third installment of our Eternal discussion.  What an interesting read.  Let's get straight to it.

Shel:  Harrison has been a very bad submissive man servant!  Alfred and Igor will have to school him.

Monica:  But how awesome was that scene?!  I was sure Zachary was a gonner, but instead it turns out there's a muscley dude with a busted jail cell and a heart of almost-gold there to rescue him!  The plot thickens... why hasn't he escaped yet... who the heck turned Harrison... doesn't muscley dude know you can fix a unibrow with just a little bit of tweezing? 

Shel:  Perhaps while he had the mad skills to break a lock, he lacked the talent to tweeze.  On another note, I do feel a little bad for Miranda.  She's going to be in deep dookie when psycho daddy-dearest gets home.  I'm surprised she's not doing more to figure out who's trying to ruin her life.  I mean, some of the baddies are obvious.

Monica:  It's all the sexual tension.  It has obviously been too distracting.  But now that she's gone dancing with Zachary, snuggled in bed with Zachary, fought with Zachary, had a storm off with Zachary, and murdered some poor helpless were-Antelope... maybe NOW she can focus on the big bads who are out to get her?  

Shel:  I doubt it.  I'm entertained by the description of the lives of those who serve the eternals:  "lifestyle built on fear, ambition, caffeine, and five-star cuisine" (p. 177).  My lifestyle is built on devotion, ambition, caffeine, and one-star cuisine.  Not so different.

Monica:  Ooh, and mine is giddiness, fatigue, caffeine, and Fruits Basket!  It's... okay, actually, it's pretty darn different. I obviously would be an epic failure serving the vamps.  Eternals.  Whatever.

Shel:  You're too bubbly for the vamps.  You'd ruin their images by making them crack smiles.  On a darker note, Um...choking down a body in wolf form?  ICK!

Monica:  Dude, do you know how long that would take?  She must have been seriously committed.  They could make a Food Network Challenge out of it, for reals.

Shel:  I don't know if I could watch that...I need a new thought to distract my brain from that image.  Yay!  Gender equality in the Eternal population.  There's a cause I can get behind.  Where are my markers?!  Let's make a poster!

Monica:  ::: LAUGHS :::  This book is really messing with my head, because I can't keep the good vs. bad characters straight (Freddy, anyone?), and some of the Eternals don't actually seem all that bad!  Plus, what about Nora?  She has a legit reason for being there -- how unexpected was that?

Shel:  The line between good and evil is complicated?  Who'd have thunk?  Oh shiz, kidnapping Geoff!  I should have seen that coming.  But didn't.  At all.  But then, I was disappointed that Miranda was so nice to him.  Pesky guardian angel love corruption!
Monica:  I definitely didn't see it coming either, and I *certainly* didn't see it going so well.  Silly Miranda.  You're going to turn all Light and Good if you're not careful.

Monica:  Seriously, can we pause for a moment and reread page 198?  "So she's seen all the Star Wars movies.  She knows her Doctor Who.  She thinks that Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek series and that Firefly is sorely underappreciated by the masses."  I had a little fangirl seizure when I read that page, Shel, no lie.  Not that I don't mad love me my fantasy, but it's nice that scifi got a chance to represent.  (SISKO!  CALL ME!)  Plus, it makes me like the author a bit more too.  ;)

Shel:  OMG!  I loved that moment too.  I starred it in the margin.  DS9 is my favorite ST.  And you know well of my love for Firefly.  We're going to have to pick up an Eternal friend.  Sure our DVD-a-thons will have to be held later after she joins our group, but it'd be worth it to hang out with another like-minded cool person.

Okay, on that note of awesomeness, we're going to cut off our discussion for the time being.  But we'll finish up Eternal and our discussion on Thursday.  As always, we would love to hear what all-ya-alls have to say about the book.  We know you're out there!  

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