Monday, March 15, 2010

Literary Feast: Fat Cat (ch.21-43)

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! It's time for the second installment of Fat Cat, my current favorite book ever to include both dating and dieting and science geeks!

Shel and I will chat for a while -- but jump right in on the comments section, if you have thoughts of your own!

Ready? Onward!

Monica: I have decided, Shel, that we need to start cooking. The next time I come over, can we create a little living-room cafĂ© with homemade menus and food with honey drizzled on it? Every description I read is making me drool like one of Pavlov’s dogs....

Shel: Let's do it! I'm all about it. I've already begun with the cooking. I tried roasted asparagus, from a recipe on a blog and it was delicious. Then, I kinda-sorta-accidentally tweeted about my experiment and Fat Cat author, Robin Brande, saw. So she recommended roasting cut-up potatoes in water with salt and pepper on top. We have to try that. ROBIN RECOMMENDS!

Monica: I would not trust your food choices as far as I could throw you, but if Robin recommends something, I'm all over it! Off to find potatoes!

Shel: Getting away from the food and turning to the exercise, I'm excited Cat swam butterfly. I liked her before, but now she's going to have to be my literary buddy. FLYERS are the toughest!

Monica: You are nuts. Cat is nuts. Butterfly is nuts. I am only able to swim breaststroke, and even then I’m one of those slow people who swims two inches and has to stop to push hair out of her face and take huge gulps of air.

Shel: We'll have to invest in a swim cap for you. Then at least you'll look hardcore. So, back to the book, what do you think of Greg? I am not a fan. Their date is so awkward. But I'm glad the author is exploring that relationship based on peer pressure and "hey, a guy actually likes me. Guess, I'll date him." I had one of those in high school.

Monica: Greg is so, so scummy. SO SCUMMY. How can anyone think Cat dating him is a good idea? During the “So, I hear you’re really smart, maybe you can do my homework, ha ha just kidding, but no, really, do my science assignment” I thought I was going to die of horror. I do definitely agree with the peer pressure relationship being accurately reflected, though. Nothing worse than thinking if you don’t date this guy, you may never date in high school, ever.

Shel: I'm also finding Cat's relationship with Amanda interesting. I feel like Amanda is both a source for support and pressure. And that she's taking on the role of Mom to Cat more than most friends would.

Monica: Amanda, if she were a robot, would be a walking talking example of Deus ex machina. Seriously, could anyone be more perfect? To be honest, though, I’m impressed with Cat. I’m too shallow to be able to have a friend who is pretty, smart, in the most wonderful relationship ever with someone who is also pretty and smart, *and* who is completely modest and unassuming. I’d want to beat her with a frying pan just to make myself feel better. And that, friends, is violence, and violence is never a good idea.

Shel: *Wipes brow* I'm so glad I'm not a perfect person. Otherwise, I'd have to fear you a little. (Monica: Psh -- you transcend my petty jealousy through your sheer awesomeness.) Seriously though. This book is making me feel guilty for wanting to eat my potato chips. I am a snack type person who can barely boil water. I can't live like Cat.

Monica: Not gonna lie – As I was reading the part about her making whole grain bread and whatnot… I was eating ramen. Oh, the shame! But it is so delicious and sodium-ish! Really, though, I do have to keep tamping down vegetarian desires. I know you’re one, Shel, and I obviously was one for more than a decade, and good Lord but this book is making me think I should become one again.

Then, of course, I come to my senses.

Bacon. Yum.

Shel: Monica, the facon is calling to you! Join team veggie! Mmmm, facon.

Shel: I don't understand why Cat doesn't get this. MATT LIKES YOU! Figure it out soon, kay?

Monica: Girl please. We have half a book left. If she figures it out too quickly, all my drama will be ruined! CAT! STAY OBLIVIOUS!! It’s much more conducive to the plot, after all.

That's all for today, friends -- we can't wait to hear your thoughts on this section, so post away! Next up will be chapters 44-65, which we'll be discussing on Friday. So in the meantime, enjoy the book, and practice your butter-free sugar-free guilt-free cooking!

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