Friday, March 19, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Fat Cat (pp. 167-250)

Fat CatWelcome back, readers!  Monica and I our still enjoying our Fat Cat feast.  Our discussion is below, but keep in mind, there will be some spoilers below.  Also, keep in mind that we'd love to hear your voices and opinions as our discussion continues.

Shel:  Where's my local vegetarian cafe that also does weekly poetry readings?

Monica:  Remember, it’s a sucky local vegetarian café, and in order to properly enjoy it we’d need to have a ridiculously talented and kind best friend who not only is supportive in everything we do, but also rocks out verses about inanimate objects.  I’m pretty sure we’d need that last part to enjoy ourselves as much as Cat does.

 Shel:  I still wants it...ah, of course, we have come to the dance night transformation from uncaring nerd into a head turning beauty.  Did we suddenly switch over to a teen movie?

Monica:  Yes.  Yes we did.  But remember, it’s okay, because Amanda hooked her up with the dress!  Amanda can do anything!  Really, though, I’m kind of shocked with her behavior with Nick.  I’m all for the girl getting ravaged, but doesn’t it seem to be awfully wham-bam considering that prior to this the only person she’d kissed was scummy whats-his-face?

Shel:  Ah-ha, ah-ha.  So, tell me, what do you REALLY think of Nick?

Monica:  I’m so torn about him.  I mean, I love him love him love him, but he is one of the first characters so far who seems just *incredibly* unrealistic.  (I’m ignoring Amanda, because as I mentioned last post, she has already been relegated to My Future Bestie.  She is way too perfect, but I’m okay with it.)  Anyway, Nick – He’s a genius, but he’s a super-hot player, but he tosses women to the curb as soon as school starts up again, and he recognizes that he and Catare nothing but lust bunnies and he’s completely okay with not pursuing her, and he’s… seventeen?  I realize that Prince  Harry was probably like this, but given that we’re in a Miscellaneous Suburb in America, he seems too improbable.

Shel:  I agree.  But he does amuse me.  I suppose it's good that Brande is going through different types of relationships.  First we have the pressured boy that she doesn't really like.  Now we have the lust without love.  I'm starting to feel like I'm being hit over the head a little (in terms of relationships and eating habits).  Luckily, I have a hard head, cause I also don't want to stop reading.

Monica:  I’ve decided not to think too hard about any of it, and just enjoy the ride.  If I focus on this apparent town full of genius-level, vegetarian, dieting, published-at-seventeen, witty, athletic, suave high school students, I’m going to end up with a major complex.

 Shel:  Haha, well put.

Tune in next Tuesday for our conversation of the end of the book.

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