Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Eternal (pp. 74-152)

Hey all! Welcome to the second update in our most recent Literary Feast -- Eternal, by Cynthia Leitich Smith.

As always, reader beware! There are spoilers below! ;)

Shel: Reading about Zachary eating egg rolls made me want some of my own. Why don't any of my local Chinese restaurants deliver? *Weeps*

Monica: See, I’m officially off food after having read that oh-so-delicious description of Miranda dipping pumpkin bread in the wannabe Slayer’s blood, fancy-restaurant style. Yick.

Shel: What's that now? I'd been blocking out that lovely image. But, it's interesting. There's still a lot of humor throughout this book, but because of the initial surprising dark turn (and the following dark spots) I can't seem to bring myself to laugh at any of the funny moments. Are you doing any better?

Monica: Oh, heck no. I mean yes, there are a few funny moments here and there, but you never know when it’s going to suddenly take a horrible, horrible turn for the worse. (“Why do they need tongues anyway,” anyone?) I’m definitely reading the entire book in a state of semi-terror, because I’m just *waiting* for Miranda to go all crazy and bite the face off a baby, or something. Maybe with Zachary in the picture, things will tone down / lighten up?

Shel: We can only hope. I do have a point of trepidation...maybe this will be revealed later, but why would Harrison let Zachary through knowing he'd had a stake. I don't understand!

Monica: THANK YOU FOR ASKING! I was so confused. Harrison’s just all, “Oh, stake. Aha. Not this time.” Maybe he assumes that anyone who doesn’t come armed is an idiot, but that doesn’t mean he’ll allow anyone to bring weapons in past the entryway? Maybe he’s just not all that dedicated to his job and doesn’t have the energy to throw stake-wielding people out of the house? Maybe – gasp! – he *wants* someone to assassinate Miranda? No, that makes no sense…. I’m going with not all that dedicated.

Shel: We shall seeeeeeee! Hmmm, Zachary handled seeing vampified-Miranda much better than I would have expected. I'd been envisioning double-takes, open-mouthed staring and stuttering.

Monica: He might still be hung over. I think a six-month bender takes a while to wear off.

Shel: Hahahaha! I really like that Zachary isn't afraid of her (not that he'd have reason to be). Vamps--excuse me--ETERNALS really do go on massive ego trips, no matter the story. It'd be nice to see more characters that put them back in their places.

Monica: I did have to laugh, though (for pretty much the first time so far) when Joshua materialized and had to almost physically restrain him from keeping the insults going. “No, Zachary. You are supposed to become besties with her. Not alienate her permanently.” Because let’s be honest, it would really stink if he got eaten this early on. I wonder what angel blood tastes like, PS? Or do you think he’s all human in the veins?

Shel: I think there's still a bit of angel in his veins. I bet angel blood would taste annoyingly sweet. It'd probably give a drinker a sugar-high. Mmmm, sugar. Well, I'm off to watch some old episodes of True Blood. Cause I can!

Monica: True Blood pah. Nothing beats Angel. ;)

Shel: Pah, if I want Joss at his best, I'll hit up Buffy.

Well, that's it for today, friends. Be sure to drop by on Saturday, when we'll be discussing the next section (pages 153-233). Can't wait to see what y'all think!

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