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Literary Feast Discussion: Eternal (pp. 1-73)

EternalHi Cool Cats!  Welcome to our new literary feast.  This time around we're enjoying Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith and it looks like this book is going to dish out some surprises.

Our thoughts on the first 73 pages are below.  If you get a chance to pick up this book, we'd love to read your thoughts.

Also, keep in mind that there are spoilers for the book below.

ETERNAL (1-73)

Shel:  Monica, I was entertained from page one.  I have to admit, I've never given guardian angels much though.  I guess I always thought if they existed, they only show up in emergencies.  But now, I have creepy crawly skin.  Is one watching me while I type this?  *glances around*  While I sleep?

Monica:  Oh my word, DITTO on the terrifying fears of guardian angels watching my every move.  I think it wouldn't have been so bad, if they didn't immediately pull out the whole, "that one blessed weekend" where "she spent a full day in bed buck naked."  Zachary, that is creepy as anything.  Not only is she your guardian angel charge, but you've known her literally since she was born!  You have watched her every moment of her life, from infancy to now!  That not just stalkerish, that's... well, I was about to say incesty, but I think that's too harsh a term.  Definitely stalkerish though.

Shel:  It is icky, Twilight falling-in-love-with-a-baby-let-me-watch-you-sleep-without-permission stalker level.  We need a flashing red stalker warning to go with our posts.

Shel: Let's go in a less creepy do you feel about the shifting point of views?

Monica:  I like it, although I have to tell you -- my OCD is not having an easy time coping with the fact that sometimes a character's point of view repeats (like, a Miranda chapter and then another Miranda chapter).  I sort of feel like if they were going to do a back-and-forth, it should... stay back and forth.  Know what I mean?

Shel: I completely understand.  As I was reading, I found a trouble point as well.  I wish the story would have hinted about vampires existing sooner.  I would have liked that touch of world building from page one.

Monica:  Oh definitely.  Shifters too -- although I don't know if they'll play a particularly big role in this book.

Shel: Okay, I'm starting to get True Blood/Southern Vampire Mystery series flashes.  Am I alone in this?

Monica:  Why sugarplum, I have no ideah what you're talking about!

Shel: Hmm, this story has taken a dark turn.  I'd expected Miranda to remain human much longer.  Since I was so certain of that expectation, the reality feels a little disappointing.

Monica:  I'm not going to lie -- this book has completely thrown me for a loop.  I was thinking the whole vampire (I mean, eternal) thing would be more... romanticized.  And instead, there she is, snapping waiters' necks against a wall so she can get a better angle on the vein, and waxing eloquent on the visual effects of dropping people into fountains of holy water.  Yick.

Shel:  I guess it's a good contrast to some of the other paranormal romances out there....

Monica:  So, is it just me, or is Father getting increasingly creepified?

Shel:  Way creepified!  Normally I'd want Miranda to stand up and kick vampy-ass right about now.  But as the case may be, I guess I'm going to have to hope the stalker guardian angel starts stalking again.

Well, we'll have to see where Eternal takes us on Wednesday.  Then we'll discuss pages 74-152.  Hope to see you then.

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