Sunday, January 10, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Boneshaker (Part 4)

Boneshaker (Sci Fi Essential Books)

Hey friends! It's that time again -- time for another Literary Feast Discussion of our good buddy Boneshaker. Today we're up to Chapter 23 -- can we just take a moment to reflect on how really ridiculously long this book is? But in a good way. Obviously.

Anyway, feel free to join in on the conversation, if you haven't already!

Monica: Is it bad that I just now realized that the font in this book is brown? Kind of orangey-brown, as though it has been scarred by the Blight? I actually commented on it out loud, while riding the bus -- I'm pretty sure the rest of the passengers thought I was losing my mind as I went, "What the heck, these words aren't black!"

Shel: Focus, Monica, focus. Might I just say, that Zeke has AWESOME taste in who he decides to follow. Just awesome. He really knows how to pick the winners. And by "winners" I mean evil dudes.

Monica: And then he runs away from the good guys! (Ignoring the fact that yes, Fang does indeed look super bad.) It's like his Evil Radar is completely out of whack. I hope the Princess has her "Zeke Is Being Useless" Radar working, though, because I'm pretty sure she's going to need to come to the rescue again. Her or Cly -- he hasn't done very much swooping with his dramatic zeppelin yet, and I hope he gets the chance before the book is completely finished.

Shel: And speaking of evil dudes, having finally met Dr. Minnericht, I have to say, he's not as scary as I was expecting. Annoying, yes. I too would probably contemplate hitting him over the head with a box, as Briar considers. But he doesn't scare me.

Monica: He's not particularly menacing, is he? The setup is nice, and he certainly has the necessary creepy henchman, but you're right, I'm not running in terror. He's *nothing* compared to the rotters, and everything seems a little too strangely reminiscent of the "Luke, I am your father" scene from Star Wars. Given the way Lucy and the others were freaking the heck out, I was expecting Ultimate Evil. Or at least Semi-Ultimate. As it is, I'm left going, "That's it?" At the very least, he should have a creepier name... or one that's easier to pronounce while cackling....

Shel: Leaving a mark about an attack the way the evil doctor is doing reminds me too much of Voldemorte and his Deatheaters. You don't think Dr. Minnericht is really Tom Riddle after he had an accident with a time turner, do you? How fun would that be? Fanfiction, anyone?

Monica: Down, girl -- You'll force me to plot out the rest of the story, inserting Harry Potter characters willy-nilly... and no one wants that! Plus, I'm growing fonder of him as this section progresses. Because seriously? Stealing the identity of Briar's husband for the purpose of controlling the city through terror alone? That's awesome!! It definitely scoots him up the evil scale, even though apparently he's not quite evil enough to use his *own* name. I'm really looking forward to the final confrontation between him and Briar. Assuming he hasn't killed her with that rather rude blow to the head.

Okay, good job guys. Good talk all around. Be sure to tune in later this week, when I believe we will, at last, be concluding our reading of Boneshaker. I'm holding my breath for the final romantic scene!!

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