Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Literary Feast Discussion: Boneshaker (Part 3)

Boneshaker (Sci Fi Essential Books)

Forward march to develop our appetites!  The discussion of Boneshaker continues (is this book long, or what?).  You'll find spoilers for the first 18 chapters below.  Feel free to join the conversation.

Monica:  I’ll admit it.  I was a little worried about Swakhammer, because it seems like anyone named Swakhammer is going to turn out to be evil.  I’m glad to see, though, that thus far he appears to be the perfect, steel-covered gentleman.

Shel:  I know, right?  Such a gentle soul.  I never knew the criminal element could be so nice.

Monica:  Right!  Plus, it’s criminal, but with that woman’s touch.  ;)  Boneshaker is nothing if not completely full of awesome, strong-willed female characters.  I thought Briar was the awesomest person ever, but you know what?  The Princess and Lucy are right on her heels.  I especially like that Lucy was less worried about being devoured by the undead masses, and more concerned about the state of her bar.  Hee.

Shel:  Yeah, I really like The Princess.  She's a breath of fresh (blight-free) air.  I am so glad that Zeke has a new guide.  While I initially went all, "ooooooOOOOOoooooh!" over whether or not Rudy could be trusted, that tension was getting old...and less tense.

Monica:  Ooh, and speaking of tense, what the heck is up with this mad scientist doctor?  *Is* it actually Briar’s hubby?!  And why is she so certain that he’s dead!?  I don’t think I can stand the suspense.  Shel, be a dear and read ahead for me?  ::: eyes shimmer :::

Shel:  Alas, I lack the time to read ahead.  And even if I had the time...I'd lie to you.  But, as the situation is, I'm betting Dr. Meh...Dr. Mehnochev?...Minnow?...Dr. Minnericht is her husband.  

Monica:  Aw.  Poor time-crunched Shel.  And also poor Hugh.  (Hugh?  Was that his name?  Or Hank?  Or… Henry?  Regardless, you know who I mean – the drunk guy!) On the upside, thanks to his unfortunate demise, I feel much clearer about how fast the Blight works.  Plus, I liked the helpful discussion about how you’ve got to hack your own limb off if it gets bitten by a rotter.  I’d been wondering about that… whether or not you get zombified by the rotters themselves, or if it’s solely a product of the Blight.  Although, let’s be honest, if I got bitten by a rotter I’d contemplate limb-hacking anyway, just to get away from their creepy rotter cooties.

 Shel: That scene was super intense.  I heart it!  You mean you don't like zombie cooties?  What kinda lady are you?  I, in contrast, am on the hunt for some rotter cooties.  Can you imagine what'd it be like to kiss one of those bad boys, hmm?  Good times, I'm sure.

Monica:  I find this entire book kind of… well, you know that inevitable scene in older stereotypical British comedies, where the same people keep running through a set of four or five doors, and even though they’re basically close enough to touch, they keep missing one another by seconds?  That’s the feeling I’m getting from this book.  I spent half this section waiting for Zeke to decide he needed a drink, and to head for Maynard’s, which his mother will have vacated mere SECONDS earlier whilst escaping the rotters. I’m sure that Cly will run into Briar in the next thirty pages.  “You know, your son was *just* here and now we can’t find him – it’s the darndest thing…”

Shel:  I'm there with you.  Except this is less humorous than those old British sit-coms.  And I've decided.  It's official.  I want to go on a great journey where the criminal element is lurking about and I want to rely solely on the kindness of strangers.  How far do you think I'll get?  Far, right?  Maybe I'd have more luck if I lived during the Civil War.

Monica:  I tell you what.  You and me?  We’ll roadtrip it somewhere filled with Lurking Criminal Elements and see how far we get.  And obviously, readers, we’ll blog as we go.

Okay, cool cats.  Good talk.  We'll continue this meal on Sunday when content through chapter 23 will be on the table.  See all-ya'-alls then!

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