Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Literary Feast: Wake (Pages 150-The End)

Our Literary Feast of Lisa McMann's Wake is almost over. *Wipes away a tear* Ooh! Dessert! You guys are rather quiet out there. Does anyone to have something to say?

SHEL: Okay, I do like the way this book is setting up a whole mystery-dream-crime-fighting series. I'm probably watch that show! For at least a season or two, depending on how corny it is.

SHEL: I know I've probably seemed hyper-critical for most of this discussion (I long ago grew accustomed to the fact that I tend to me more brutal than everyone else). But despite all my complaints, I will admit Fade is on my Amazon wishlist. Truth.

MONICA: Oh, I’m so there. Gotta get me some more Future Police Officer Of America Cabel action. Also, was this just about the fastest read ever? I blinked and it was over!

Shel: Oooh, Maybe it was all a dream! I like that it goes so quickly. I can see why it's doing well with reluctant readers. Plus this means I can probably read Fade quickly too. Just sneak it in between a few other reads.

MONICA: And why YASLA picked it! Honestly, I was a little surprised when you told me that it was one of their Top Ten picks, but now that I’ve had time to process it I can see why they liked it. Even if it did include a depressing number of references to the Greasy Ringlets. ;)

SHEL: Thanks for joining us, you silent but beloved fellow feasters.

We're going to take a week or so off from before our next literary feast. We gotta give ourselves some time to get hungry again, ya know. (Also, some of us are being devoured by homework. Curse you, LIS programs!)

But, on the off chance homework isn't you and you're still hungry for more Cabel-goodness, Lisa McMann has written a short story from Cabel's perspective.  You can download it after entering some information here

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