Sunday, November 1, 2009

Literary Feast: Wake (Pages 101-150)

Our Literary Feast of Lisa McMann's Wake continues! You guys are rather quiet out there. Does anyone to have something to say?

Shel: Janie goes stalkery on Cabel. Why must all YA novels these days include some stalker action? I'm not a big fan. Give the dude his space, chica. I mean, I never stalked anyone ever as a teenager.

Monica: Yeah… I was a little alarmed by that particular moment. On the upside, at least the first time, she “feel[s] like a total creep” for doing it, before getting bored and wandering away (104). That’s what you get for being a stalker, Janie! You get boredom and residual guilt! (And the second time, you get a raging headache and even *more* guilt, so really… stalking doesn’t pay, kids.)

Shel: I was really surprised by Janie and Carrie keep breaking out the cheap booze on page 24. Not in a prudish way. My thoughts were more along the line, "Bu-but, your mom's an alcoholic. You've see n the damage alcohol can do. You're predisposed to have said damage in your life! DON'T YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH BESIDES TURNING TO ALCOHOL WHEN YOU'VE HAD A BAD DAY?!"

Monica: Oh, definitely. It’s the same reason I wanted to slap her when she got all hoity-toity on Cabel about him not drinking or doing drugs. Hellooooooo? HE is being responsible! HE is recognizing genetic predisposition when it’s staring him in the face! In his gorgeous, gorgeous face!

Shel: I do wish the sleep clinic possibility had gone somewhere. At the very least, she could have fun material to make jokes about the principal. That's always fun. I do like her doing research though. That's probably my inner nerd talking. Or my outer nerd.

Monica: Really, it’s probably just your nerdness as a complete entity, let’s be honest. I think the sleep clinic had possibilities, but I did enjoy seeing her bolt from the office like a bat out of hell. Plus, I was completely sure that it was going to turn into some sort of epic horror movie moment, where the nurses drag her into the room and strap her down and dissect her dreams. Escape definitely seemed like the best option.

Shel: Wow.  Being dragged back in...that's a horror movie I want to watch.  With a light. Cause I'm a wimp.

Monica: And the plot with Miss Stubin thickens! Janie has more power than she thinks? So far, we’ve already seen her exhibit her “I Suck At Stalking” power, her “I Whine When I Have To Watch My Classmates Having Sex With Each Other In Their Dreams” power, and her “Angst Angst Cabel Betrayed Me Angst” power. I don’t know if we can handle anything else!

Shel: Hahaha.  Too true.

Monica: I’m not going to lie. I really like the way Cabel is taking care of Janie in this section. I mean, he already showed off his awesomeness during the bus scene, but now I’m just completely in love with him. Between coming to her house to make sure she eats (after she stalked him, no less), picking her up off the floor and plying her with Snickers bars, telling her he loves her via Dream Messaging… what a cutie! A potentially drug-dealing cutie, but you can’t have everything.

Shel: I'm still "meh" about the boy.  When I think of him, I will always picture greasy ringlets.

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.  We'll post our final course of the feast on Tuesday!

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