Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: Mini Challenge

At the Mini Challenge of request of Things Mean A Lot, I decided to throw down Little Brother with a mere twenty pages left to go, and instead read me some good old Fallen, one of my favorite webcomics of all time.

It features one of the most attractive, broody, pierced, hair-over-the-eyes Fallen Guardian Angel-type characters in the entire world, as well as a miniature, nicotine addicted dragon girl, a talking scythe, and a ton of miscellaneous animal-shaped demigod descendants. Oh, and Singe, the saucy main character. We like Singe.

I do NOT recommend you read it, because you'll hit the last frame and say "wtf, she hasn't updated in three years!? The story just comes to an abrupt end?! What... what happens!? Why!? WHY AIDO!?!?"

Then, if you're like me, you'll pine and pine and keep yourself happy by just rereading the silly thing over a couple times, and occasionally stalk her LJ and other webcomic.

Okay, but really, read it anyway. It's absolutely brilliant, and even unfinished webcomics are magical things.

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