Sunday, October 25, 2009

Readathon: Mini Challenge Winner

It's the end of the hour, and as such, our Mini Challenge has come to an end! Aw. I know. Don't tear up too much, though, because then you won't be able to read clearly.

You guys did such a great job! I laughed... I cried... It moved me, Bob.

The winner, officially picked at random, is:

"I would rather read than scrape corn flakes out of the bottom of a plastic potty any night!"

Notable runners-up, who receive nothing but mine and Shel's own admiration, are:

"I would rather read than degenerate into hideous puppets any night!"
Amethyst Princess!
"I would rather read than splodge orange paint any night!"
"I would rather read than have spells of manic loquaciousness any night!"

Thanks to everyone for participating in our challenge.
Y'all are awesome.
And we love you.


  1. Hi! Did you e-mail your prize winner to deweyreadathon(at)gmail(dot)com? I might have overlooked it in my sleep-deprived state. :) If not, could you? Thanks!

  2. Awesome sentences!

    Thanks for hosting the great challenge, Monica!



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