Monday, October 12, 2009

Introducing Lise Haines and Girl in the Arena

Today through Wednesday quite a few book bloggers and I will be taking a close look at Lise Haines's Girl in the Arena.  You can expect my review tomorrow.

But I thought I'd spend today focusing on the cover and on Lyn, the teenaged protagonist who has grown-up in a neo-gladiator subculture in the United States.

First off, the book cover.  I dislikes it.  I don't think it properly represents the book.  Lyn only spends a small percentage of the book in the role of a gladiator. Plus, the hair of the pictured model is nothing like the hair style (which has some significance throughout the plot) Lyn has for most of the book.  It's just not a cover that'd make me go "Ooh, I wants to read me that!"  Not that I'm big on the cover-judging.  What are your thoughts?

As a character, Lyn faces some difficult decisions throughout Girl in the Arena.  So, I thought I'd present you, my few but dear readers, with some of her choices in a brief poll of Would You Rather.  Just to get you thinking about some of the difficult choices Lyn faces.

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P.S.  I was given a free copy of this book through Bloomsbury USA along with the other tour members.


  1. I too found the cover distracting, you are right it did not represent Lyn's character accurately.

  2. I thought about her hair, too. I didn't think the cover that right at all. I did, however think the cover was pretty gorgeous and compelling. Definitely the kind of cover that would make me pick a book up.

    In other news...I tried to vote in the poll several times but it wouldn't take my vote.

  3. It should work now...possibly.

  4. I loved the cover myself, but you're right, the hair is not right!!

    The poll is super cool! I voted!!



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