Sunday, October 11, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Forty-One


I had a wonderful short story idea.  I thought of it while walking to a bus stop, and wrote all it's beautiful prose in my head--from beginning to end.  Hours later, I finally got to my computer, opened a new file for story.  And stared at the blank page.  Attempted to write that first sentence.  Deleted it.  Tried again.  Then decided I had to wait for my inspiration to return.  Sigh.  My phone has an audio recorder.  I've used audio recorders in the past.  I must return to that.  Even though my characters' voices flow so much more freely in my head than aloud (is that ironic or what?).

In other news, my general exams have begun.  I've had question one for almost a week and that's dominating my mind and time.  Although, I've noticed my academic writing process is similar to my creative one--intensive outlining followed by spurts of intense work, then followed my spurts of panic and avoidance.  Although, my creative process usually involves less panic, since there aren't specific time limits or grades.  Usually.

I have made several submission based on the tips and speakers I saw from last weekend's conference.  There are a bunch of agents I should be hearing back from soon though.  I anticipate rejections will around.  Maybe I'll hear back tomorrow.  Monday seems to be the day to get email replies since many editors and agents do their reading on the weekends.

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  1. Maybe the agents and editors will take Columbus day off?? Giving you a Monday break? Good luck on your first test question!



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