Friday, August 28, 2009

A Stalker Edward of My Very Own! Thanks so much, but NO!

Get your credit cards out! You won't want to miss your chance to buy this wonderful piece of Twilight merchandise.

Just in case you feel your life is lacking that oh so wonderful feeling that you're being stalked.

You can now stick this 6 foot high monstrosity on your bedroom wall...

...for a mere $60 and then never sleep again.

I especially like the lame "Be Safe." It really helps to make me feel secure and loved as I sleep instead stalked and disturbed--(*Spoiler*) like some old vampire virgin might want to slowly separate me from my family and take away my freedoms before killing me with his freakish spawn. All because he couldn't stop himself from loving me.

Let us hope supplies aren't that high to begin with.

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