Friday, August 28, 2009

REVIEW: Busy Busy City Street

Meister, C.  (2000).  Busy Busy City Street.  New York:  Viking.


Busy Busy City Street shares the sounds and images typically found on a busy street, from the honks of the traffic to sirens of fire trucks.

This picturebook also includes some more unusual forms of transportation on the street, from a space car, to a gondola and elephant.  A parent or teacher could pause on that particular page and ask the child to pick out which forms of transportation would be available in another parts of the world or at another time in history (or the future, in one case).  Since traffic lights and crosswalks are also pictured, a teacher could discuss pedestrian safety.


And this is another book that can be used to introduce students to the idea of riding the bus to and from school.

This book would be good to help prepare a child from the suburbs or country for his or her first trip into the city and all of the noise and activity that can be found there.

Since the illustrations use a lot of colors and fun shapes, students may want to draw in response to reading this book.

Quotes of Note:

"Honk Beep Honk Beep."

"Siren sounds, fire call.  Taxi jam, traffic stall."

"Green light, horses go.  Clippety-clop, steady, whoa!"

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