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Patricelli, L.  (2008)Baby HAPPY Baby SAD.  Cambridge, MA:  Candlewick Press.




Baby HAPPY Baby SAD is a good first board book that acknowledges babies’ emotions.  This book lends itself to having an adult go through the book with the baby and point out the details of the illustrations to help the baby realize the very relatable situations the characters are going through.


My personal favorite of the illustrations is….

...not that I enjoyed stripping off all my clothes as a small child and running around the house naked.  And my parents certainly do not have pictures of me doing said activity.  Since that would be a cruel event to keep a record of.  Right, Mom and Dad?  Right.


While a parent or sitter shouldn’t expect the young reader to actually READ this concept book, with the repetition of “Baby happy” and “Baby sad,” he or she could encourage the child to shout out the phrases as they go through the book.


It is worth noting, that all of the characters showed appear to be white, which is not ideal for a parent who wants to start showing a more multicultural representation of the world early on.



Activities to Do with the Book:


This board book is a great book for the youngest of readers to practice turning pages, gnawing on the corners and identifying objects and creatures like balloons, ice cream, dogs, cats and mommy and daddy.


This book shows issues of cause and effect, how the physical world can influence a child’s emotions, helps develop early visual literacy and helps wee-babes gain some important vocabulary:  Happy, Sad and Baby.



Favorite Quotes:


“Baby HAPPY”

“Baby SAD”

and that’s pretty much it.

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