Sunday, July 26, 2009

Certified Resolution Writing Endeavor Review Report: Week Thirty

Wha-what?  Is it, is it Sunday?  Now?  Already?  But-but, it was just...I don't understand.  Time, are you screwing with me?

Well, I just got a hold of another poetic novel (povel?), and I've decided to begin submitting my own YA povel once more.  I was more than slightly discouraged by the rejection saying such a project from an unheard of author didn't stand a chance that I received several months ago and have since been focusing on sending out my other projects.  But Kaleidoscope Eyes (to be reviewed in a few weeks), while still with many serious bits, has a sense of fun I tried to capture in my own story.  So I'm off to submit to that publisher with fingers, toes and even legs crossed, but not arms (uncrossed arms are needed for typing--Although my legs won't remained crossed for long...I'm not a big fan of hopping.  I tend to fall).

Tomorrow promises to be a long day on campus, but hopefully tonight I can do some writing and relaxing.

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